Pulse Nigeria Poll: Should Davido be blamed for Tagbo incidence?

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 3:15pm by admin

Last week Davido was in the news over the mess of the death of his friend Tagbo.

The pop star later went to the Office of the Commissioner of Police in Lagos to narrate his own version of events. Many stories have come out from the unfortunate event.

For Davido, the event has made people ask if he is to be blamed for what happened that night. The rich singer started a drinking contest. The winner was meant to go home with an iPhone 8 and N200,000.

Davido and Tagboplay

Davido and Tagbo

(Daily Post )


To put it mildly, it was a night of celebration and unchecked partying. With what went down that fateful night, is Davido to be blamed on the way things turned out?

Some people believe Davido was at fault. If he didn’t reportedly start the drinking bet, Tagbo wouldn’t have taken many shots of tequila.

Davido hanging out with friendsplay

Davido hanging out with friends

(Instagram/Davidoofficial )


Celebrities live very precious lives. They are responsible for the well being of people around them. If a celebrity throws a party and a woman gets raped at the party, the celeb would be called in for questioning. Now irrespective of the fact that the celeb had nothing to do with the incident he would be at least questioned for creating an atmosphere conducive for rape.

There are many scenarios that can go bad for a celebrity when hanging out or partying. Imagine if Tagbo drove his car and died from drunk driving. People would still point their fingers at Davido.

Tagbo reportedly died in company of Davido and his crew.play

Tagbo reportedly died in company of Davido and his crew.

(Bella Naija)

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On the flip side of the argument, some people are saying that Davido is not to be blamed. Tagbo was a 35-year-old man and he should be responsible for his actions. He wasn’t forced to take part in the drinking game. No one put a gun on his head to take shots of tequila.


At the end of the day, he was responsible for his own life and nobody else. Davido had nothing to do with it.

You can take a poll below and let us know if Davido is to blame or not;

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