Pulse Nigeria: 5 stunt performers who died during filming

Posted on Jan 27 2018 - 2:30am by admin

Quite a number of stunt performers have been killed during filming of a TV show or film.

Who is a stunt performer?

Stunt performers are actors who perform dangerous scenes in movies and television shows, such as falling off tall buildings, fistfights, and driving in high-speed car chases.

The more ambitious and elaborate an action sequence is, the more dangerous it is for the stunt performer.

Check out five stunt performers, who died on the set of a movie or TV show:

1. Joi Harris on the set of “Deadpool 2”

play Joi Harris died on the set of “Deadpool 2 (Comic Book)  

Joi ‘SJ’ Harris got killed while performing a motorcycle stunt on the set of the “Deadpool” sequel. The tragic incident occurred after Harris lost control of her motorbike while filming an action sequence.

She was acting as a stunt double for Zazie Beetz, who plays Domino in the upcoming Marvel superhero film

“Deadpoll 2” was Harris’ first film as a stunt performer.

2. John Bernecker – “The Walking Dead”

John Berneckerplay

John Bernecker



In July 2017, a 33-year-old John Bernecker died while rehearsing a routine fight scene after he lost balance, falling 30 feet onto concrete.

3. Harry L. O’Connor in “XXX”

play Harry L. O’Connor was Vin Diesel’s double in “XXX” (Billionfeeds)  

In 2002, Harry L. O’Connor, a retired Navy Seal, was killed after he smashed into a bridge while filming a para-sailing scene in “XXX.”

The director included the footage in the finished film, excluding the death. He was Vin Diesel’s stunt double.

4. Kun Liu in “The Expendables 2”

play Kun Liu died on set of “The Expendables 2”  

In October 2011, Kun Liu died from the injuries he sustained while shooting an explosion scene for “Expendables 2”  in Bulgaria.

While Kun Liu died, his fellow stuntman Nuo Sun was critically injured. The latter sued Millennium Films for a “recklessly staged” stunt.

5. Conway Wickliffe in “The Dark Knight”

Conway Wickliffe, a cameraman for “Dark Knight” died during a trial for an action sequence after his vehicle went out of control and crashed into a tree.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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