Pulse List: These are the most expensive TV shows ever made

Posted on Oct 19 2017 - 1:46pm by admin

The cost of making some of your favourite TV shows is larger than life.

For reasons such as detailed location, elaborate costume designs, detailed sets  and massive crew, these TV shows gulp more money than you could imagine.

Pulse Movies has put together seven most expensive shows ever made.

Check them out;

1. The Crown cost $ 13 million per episode

Official poster for Netflix’s “The Crown”



Apparently, it takes a lot of money to depict the British Royal Family on screen. “The Crown,” a Netflix 10-part drama series, which focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, cost the streaming service over $ 130 million.

This equals to $ 13 million per episode.

2.ER” cost $ 13 million per episode

With 15 seasons and 331 episodes, “ER,” which aired on NBC from 1994 – 2009, gulped up to $ 13 million per episode.

The medical drama which starred George Clooney, was initially expected to cost $ 1.9 million per episode.

4. “Get Down” cost $ 12 million per season

play “Get Down,” an American musical drama television series  

Another of Netflix’s most expensive shows ever, the 12-episode first season cost approximately $ 12 million per episode.

According to Variety, “Get Down” originally had a budget of $ 7.5 million per episode, but exceeded that thanks to production drama and New York state tax incentives.

4. “Friends” cost $ 10 million per episode

play Poster for “Friends”


It has been 13 years since “Friends” went off air, but it is still one of the biggest TV shows ever.

The series, which was set mostly in a coffee shop and two apartments, cost $ 10 million per episode.

According to The New York Times, the cast which included Jennifer Aniston, came together to negotiate a salary of $ 1 million each for seasons nine and 10 of the TV series.

The cast are still making millions from reruns, and Forbes annual highest earning actress’ list is proof.

5. “Game of Thrones” cost $ 10

Filming of “Game of Thrones” has taken place at Ireland, Iceland, Malta, Croatia and Spain.

According to Entertainment Weekly, each episode of season six and seven cost an estimate of $ 10 million to produce.

According to Variety, HBO is increasing the budget for the eighth and final season of the critically acclaimed TV show. The upcoming season is expected to cost over $ 15 million per episode, the largest per-episode budget ever given to a TV show.

6. “Rome” cost  $ 10 million per episode

The HBO two-season historical drama, which aired from 2005-2007, cost $ 10 million per episode to accurately depict what survival was like during Roman times.

According to the show creator Bruno Heller, the series paved the way for big-budget TV shows like “Game of Thrones.”

The final episode aired 25 March 2007.

7. “Marco Polo” cost $ 90 million per episode

play Marco Polo poster

For its exotic locations, elaborate costumes and massive cast, the Netflix period drama “Marco Polo” cost an enormous sum of $ 90 million for its 10 episode 1st season.

The expensive 13th-century drama about the Mongol empire was cancelled after only two seasons in 2016.

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