Pulse List: 7 types of people you will see during the Big Brother Naija show

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 8:19am by admin

There are several types of people you will see during the Big Brother Naija show, which kicks off this weekend.

Pulse Movies has put together a list to help you identify them when the time comes.

Check them out.

1. The critics

When the show kicks off, the first set of people to be discovered are the critics.

They will condemn the organizers for hosting a Naija show in South Africa, and then call on their fellow Nigerians to boycott the show.

They will also write letters to the Government, and epistles on their social media pages on how MultiChoice is taking away our jobs.


2. The addicts/aggressive/active participants 

These ones spend almost the whole day on Twitter updating their followers on events happening in the Big Brother House. Some of them change their Twitter avatar to reflect their favourite contestant.

Also among the active participants are the aggressive one, who are always ready to trade insults with anyone against their favourite housemate.

3. The Low-key supporters

These ones stay off social media but vote religiously to save their favourite housemate.

For reasons best known to them, they are anonymous and would never publicly share their thoughts about the show.

They took Debie-Rise through the show, and you can bet that they would be present this year.

4. The holy ones

Unlike the critics, their dislike for the show comes from a religious or moral point of view: They wouldn’t support it, even if it were shot and produced in their hometown.

And when the nudity and foreplay sets in, they will write epistles on how demoralizing the actions of the housemates are.

They wouldn’t also hesitate to remind the audience of their place in hell for actively supporting a sexually explicit show like Big Brother.

5. The social media influencers


There would always be that one person on your timeline, who tweets about every significant, and mostly, irrelevant event that happens in the house.

They are paid by the organizers to do this, and their tweets never appear without a hashtag.

You will often want to mute or block these ones.

6. The indifferent ones

These ones just don’t care about the show, the hashtag, the contestants, or the conversations.

Actually, they mute anyone who wouldn’t let them enjoy a #BBNaija-free timeline.

7.  The Follow-Follow group

They are not active or passive followers of the show, but they will never miss an opportunity to have an opinion about a trending conversation regarding the show.

Their tweets will often start off like this: “I don’t really follow the show, but I think….”

Which of these people are you?

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