Pulse List: 5 Soundcloud artistes you need to pay attention to

Posted on Jul 3 2018 - 3:46pm by admin

The term ‘Soundcloud artistes’ is one that a number of talents that have been named under the classification have taken exception to with justifiable but perhaps exaggerated reasons.

Like rapper, Shakez admitted in a chat with Pulse, ”Soundcloud is the medium through which we share their music, so it is understandable when people try to define us by that.”

When radio made it too expensive for the average artist to get played and shooting a video for television was out of the question, a bunch of young talents needed an avenue to distribute to the open that which has been created in their closet.

With the coming of the Internet, which is now more easily accessible, a number of streaming platforms sprung up, which saw the likes of Soundcloud leading the way and Nigerian creatives have jumped on this avenue and put it to the best use.

By steadily dropping not just singles, but compilations and EPs, a number of them have been able to leverage on the opportunities and built a fanbase that is ever increasing by the numbers daily.

Of the lot that have made Soundcloud their home, here is a list of five that you need to be paying attention to.

1. Lasgiidi

play Lasgiidi (BeamEnt)


The young talented artist is gradually building his profile with some impressive body of work.

Lasgiidi first caught the attention of many when he jumped on Olamide‘s, ‘Who You Epp’ freestyle.

He was to later collaborate with the YBNL boss, Olamide on the single, ‘Bottles’ and with his recent effort, ‘One Shot’ (Groove), which features DJ Poison Ivy and Giggz, Lasgiidi shows an evolving understanding of what it takes to score a hit song in the ears of his Nigerian music audience.


2. Lady Donli

play Lady Donli (Native)  

It feels odd to still classify this talented singer in this mix seeing how far grown she has come over the years, but this is not a box.

Lady Donli‘s ‘biggest’ single, that has won her the most number of fans is ‘Ice Cream’ which features Tomi Thomas, but it is in her other songs like ‘Poison’, ‘Games’ and collaborations that her depth and variation has been properly expressed.

With Donli, there is a guarantee of quality, soul and good lyrics.

Soundcloud maybe her immediate source of getting her music out to her fans, but she is building the right foundation and the industry gatekeepers are beginning to take notice as her songs have made its way to major radio platforms.


3. Odunsi the engine

play Odunsi the engine (Tribune)


From the name, which is bound to catch your attention, to the blonde hair which even though not exactly unique, makes for a good brand look, to the talent that he possesses.

Odunsi Bowo is indeed the engine that has shifted attention to the space that his likes thrive in.

The singer who recently got signed to Universal Music also produces and has worked with the likes of Show Dem Camp and MI Abaga alongside releasing his body of works like, Time of our Lives and War EP.

Odunsi is one for the future and his latest single, ‘Alte Cruise’ alongside his friends Zamir and Santi tells the story of his sound and his vision.


4. Tay Iwar

play Tay Iwar (Genius)


This 21 year old alternative artist is an eclectic gem that is unearthing himself everyday.

It takes a simple listen to some of his works like the 2014 released Passport or Renascentia in 2017 to have a feel of what his music is really about.

Armed with an amazing voice that did damage to Boogey’s ‘Liquor Nights’ and inspirational lyrics, Tay Iwar plans to further make a statement on the scene when he releases his debut album, Gemini, later in the year.


5. Oma Mahmud

play Oma Mahmud (LucidLemons)  

Oma Mahmud is a radical, a creative, intelligent and talented one.

Stumbled on Mahmud’s ”Somewhere in Lagos” song, and the different colourations to his sound was an immediate win.

The singer/rapper has three EPs and a number of singles scattered all over his Soundcloud page, but his 2017 released debut album, ‘Pink’ tells the story of the mans’ consciousness and motivation as across 11 songs, Mahmud takes his listeners through an exciting and emotional music journey.


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