Pulse List: 5 Nollywood movies to watch on Netflix

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Pulse List 5 Nollywood movies to watch on Netflix

From “Falling” to “Head Gone,” check out 5 Nollywood films recently added to Netflix to feast your eyes on.

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Falling Nollywood movie poster play

Falling Nollywood movie poster

Ever sat down for a nice day of Netflix-and-chill with a Nigeria movie?

There are plenty of good Nollywood films on Netflix to feast your eyes on, but Pulse Movies has put together just five recently added films for your viewing pleasure.

Here we go;

1. “Falling”

Official poster for “Falling”



Written and produced by Uduak Oguamanam and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, “Falling” tells the story of Imoh and Muna, a couple who believe that nothing can come between them.

Imoh has an accident that leaves him in comatose for months, and Muna has to decide if she would hold out for him or pull the plug.

2. “Out of Luck”

play Out of Luck poster  

Another film by Niyi Akinmolayan, ‘Out of Luck’ follows the adventures of a young lottery operator whose life turns upside down when a local gangster insists that he pays out on a lottery he did not win.

He attempts to pay the gangster by taking him on a thrill ride from the slums of Lagos Island to the mansions of Ikoyi and back again.

“Out of Luck” is written by Naz Onuzo.

3. “The Department”

play The Department poster  

Written by Naz Onuzo, the movie follows the story of a secret organization tagged ‘The Department,’ which is run by young professionals, who blackmail top executives into selling their companies to the ‘man’ behind the Department.

Two lovers opt out of The Department, and the pressure, intrigues, blackmail from the group soon test their love for each other.

4. “A Soldier’s Story”

A Soldier’s Story


“A Soldier’s Story” centres on Regina, a young female scavenger who rescues a soldier who had been left for dead. After protecting and nursing him back to health for months, the fighter finally awakens but has no recollection of who he is and his past.

As time goes on, the soldier begins to develop feelings for Regina but as he begins to regain his memory, he starts to realize he might actually have a life in Nigeria.

The film was produced by Martin Gbados.

5. “Head Gone”

play 2face Idibia in “Head Gone” (Wikipedia)

“Head Gone” is an exciting comedy of error featuring the travails of a group of tagged men on transfer to another center. By a stroke of misadventure, some of the tagged men escaped into the larger society, thereby opening a vista of mistaken identities.

Other Nollywood movies on Netflix include “Gone so Far,” “The Wedding Party,” and “Road to Yesterday.”

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