Pulse Interview: ''Some people now throw their bills at me without conscience'' says Victor AD

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Victor Adere aka Victor AD just wants to be accepted, that has been his sole prayer since he started his career four years ago and even though at some point it began to feel like it will never happen, the success of his hit single, ‘Wetin We Gain’ has reassured him that he can someday be regarded as a famous hit maker.

Everywhere you turn across the streets of Lagos, you are likely to hear the song, ‘Wetin We Gain’, an instant hit upon its release, one bringing stardom to the doors of the man from the South.

Victor AD recently paid a visit to the Pulse office, where he spoke exclusively on a number of things and the inspiration behind his breakthrough single.

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”I have been doing music professionally for four years now,” he announced as we settle into the interview, ”I was born and brought up in Lagos, stayed here for eight years, then my family and I relocated to Warri, Delta state.

He insists that he has actually been composing his own song from the age of six, inspired by a neighbour while growing up in Lagos.

The singer who is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Auchi Polytechnic in Delta state, where he won the best singer in the 2013/14 session recounts how he was able to get money to record his first single, ‘Jowo.’

”In 2008 when I was at Auchi Polytechnic, that was when I decided to start taking music seriously, I started as a rapper but it didn’t work for me, so I joined a live band and I started doing pidgin music covers to western songs, which made people notice me.”

He shares his first major experience on stage

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”When I was performing a cover for John Legend‘s ”All of you”, then my departmental Dean was actually crying and on stage, he gave me money to record my first song, that was how it all started.”

I have released five songs before ‘Wetin We Gain’. ‘Jowo’ paved way for me a little, ‘Bigger You’ was my biggest song in the south then, then I did ‘Body Go Tell You’.

When asked at what point he realised he had a hit record in his hands, he replies,

”It was when I got a call to come perform in Ghana, back then in Warri, I had not even travelled up to five states for shows, I never even cross-border, so when I got the call I thought it was a joke.

It turned out to be a blast, everyone was singing along, it blew my mind and I could not sleep all night.”

Speaking on what inspired the song

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”The song is something out of the ordinary, it was more like a conversation between God and me.

I composed the song in November 2017 at the edge of giving up, cos I thought my last song ‘No Idea’ was supposed to be my breakthrough song, but it did not work the way I planned, so I was basically talking to God from my heart on the song.”

I thought it will be big only in the south like my other songs, but I never anticipated it to be this big in Lagos and even beyond,” he admits.

Following several calls to come perfrom at events, he soon made his way to Lagos where he shot a video for the song at the popular Alaba International Market, and the boy from Warri says people now recognise him when he walks on the street.

”Now when I walk on the streets, people be shouting my name, and then they think I have so much money that some people now throw their bill at me without conscience.” he joked.

Victor AD assures his fans that he is more than a one hit wonder and has plenty more to offer in the industry.

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