Prince Hussein Of Jordan: 5 Facts About Hunky Royal After He Hangs With Prince William

Posted on Jun 26 2018 - 11:49pm by admin

Hello Prince Hussein! You’ve probably heard the word on the street that he’s the hot Crown Prince of Jordan who had a guy’s night with Prince William to take in England’s World Cup! Well, you heard right!

1. Prince Hussein has an impressive resume at just 23-years-old. — He is the heir apparent of King Abdullah II of Jordan. Hussein is a 42nd-generation direct descendant of Muhammad, as he is a member of the Hashemite family, who’ve ruled Jordan since 1921. He is a second lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces. Hussein graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in international history in 2016, and later graduated from Sandhurst in 2017. Hussein is also the head of the Crown Prince Foundation, an organization that is responsible for a technical university and numerous scientific and humanitarian initiatives. In 2015, at age 20, Hussein became the youngest person to chair a UN Security Council session.

2. Here’s why everyone can’t stop talking about him. — While on a diplomatic trip to Jordan, Prince William made time to hang with the Prince Hussein at Hussein’s home to watch the World Cup match between England and Panama. Photos from the guy’s night went viral, and now, the internet can’t stop gushing over Hussein’s dashing good looks. Not to mention, his man cave where he hosted William, is quite the site.

3. He is a social media sensation. — The Crown Prince’s Instagram account has more than 1.1 million followers as of September 2017. And, by the looks of his posts, he’s just like us… aside from the fact that he’s the heir to the throne of Jordan.

4. Prince Hussein may have a lot in common with you… — He enjoys reading, riding his motorcycle, and ladies, he plays the guitar. Did we mention that he’s an athlete? — Check out this goal he scored in an epic football match! Oh, and… look at THIS hair!

5. He has killer style. — When he’s not wearing pricey three-piece suits, Hussein has an impressive wardrobe. He’s been photographed wearing fitted peacoats, well-fit jeans and cool tee’s. His style depends on what he’s doing at the moment… Tee’s are for his motorcycle rides; suits are for his royal engagements; And, his peacoats can go with just about anything, except his football uniform, of course. Flip through his Instagram; You won’t regret it.

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