PRIME MINISTER CORBYN: Brexit deal defeat for May ‘hands No10 to LABOUR’ warns Lord

Posted on Dec 8 2018 - 11:17pm by admin

The former Conservative Party MP and Cabinet minister issued the dire warning days before Mrs May is set to take her withdrawal agreement deal to Parliament where MPs will vote on it – and days after he suffered a humiliating triple defeat in the House of Commons as a result of it. Lord Baker told the Daily Mail: “Michael Gove, a passionate Brexiteer, was absolutely right when he said that if the Commons defeat Theresa May’s package next Tuesday, Brexit will be lost. “In fact, it will go further than that because a defeat would set us on a path to a Labour government.” He then urged all Tory MPs to back her deal to prevent a Labour government from becoming reality.

He said: “As a former Chairman of the Conservative Party and as a strong supporter of Leave, I urge all Tory MPs to support Theresa May on December 11.”

He later added: “March 29 is the day when we gain our constitutional freedom. From that date there will be no more European Commission or European Parliament or majority voting – which we usually lose – or EU ministers’ meetings telling us what to do.

“March 29 is the day when constitutionally we become an independent nation state again.”

Earlier this week, Mrs May suffered three defeats in the Commons sparking fears Brexit could either be postponed or even cancelled.

The first was that she lost a vote to publish the Government’s full legal advice on the deal.

The second was that this was the result of MPs finding her Government in contempt of Parliament and finally, MPs backed demands for the Commons to have a direct say in what happens if Mrs May’s deal is rejected on December 11, when it will be the subject of a vote.

The legal advice warned Mrs May of a stalemate over the Northern Ireland border riddle, a subject that has plagued two years of Brexit negotiations between the EU and Britain.

Mrs May’s deal will see the UK remain in the EU’s customs union, single market and has advised on a backstop, forcing goods from Europe to be audited at the Irish border.

This goes against the wants of the DUP, which prop up Mrs May’s Conservative Government – meaning there is the added threat they could withdraw their support and trigger a snap General Election.

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