“Price of Fame”: A new telenovela is coming to Telemundo, here's everything you need to know

Posted on Oct 13 2017 - 7:36pm by admin

Telemundo is launching a new telenovela titled “Price of Fame.”

Pulse Movies has put together 10 things you should know about the upcoming telenovela.

Check them out and decide if you have found your latest TV addiction, or not.

1. “Price of Fame” is a show about music, family and power – just like “Empire,” or maybe not.

2. The series follows the story of two brothers who, at the peak of their success in the music industry, find themselves torn apart by envy, revenge and ambition.

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3. The telenovela will feature new faces that you have never seen before. There is Daniel Elbittar starring as the popular musician Julio Cesar Solar, and Alberto Guerra as his younger brother and successful music producer, Mateo. 

4. The unexpected disappearance of Julio Cesar will set off a chain of dramatic events into motion.

5. As Mateo seeks to find those responsible for his brother’s disappearance, he discovers a web of music industry mobsters, including Rafael Zabala and Amado Matamoros.


6. With adversaries so dangerous and powerful, Mateo will carry on with his quest for the truth and justice, stopping at nothing.

7. As Mateo searches for his brother, he also meets and falls for Manara Matamoros, an aspiring music artist who also happens to be the half-sister of the mobster, Amado Matamoros. 

8. So basically, “Price of Fame” is about three families  – the Solars, the Matamoros, and the Zabalas  – entangled in vengeance, betrayal and secret romance.

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9. The telenovela will feature a wide range of music, from pop and Puerto Rican dance music to Spanish ranchero and mariachi.

10. “Price of Fame” premieres on October 16, 2017, on Telemundo DSTV.

Would you be watching?

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