Prettyboy D-O: Artist holds listening party for ''Everything is Pretty'' mixtape

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Prettyboy D-O is set to release his debut mixtape and on Saturday, September 15, he arranged for his fans and music lovers to have a first taste of what he is set to offer.

There is a certain type of energy and vibrancy that only D-O can spark, and all that was on display Saturday night, at his fashion pop-up and album listening session, as the fans who gathered got a full taste of what to expect come October 1st, when he releases his mixtape, titled, ”Everything is Pretty.”

D-O, who has been around for quite a while, shook up the scene with the release of songs like ‘Footwork’ and ‘Chop Elbow’, and is described as one of the leading forces of the new ‘alte’ wave sweeping through the industry.

The day opened much earlier with a pop-up show that had a number of his pretty boy branded merchandise on display.

play The Prettyboy D-O merchandise (Pulse)
play Ladies at the event wearing the Prettyboy D-O apparel (Pulse)


The listening session which was moderated by music critic and Pulse’s Osagie Alonge showed another side to D-O, that of an artist, who really wanted to give something special to his fans who has supported his music thus far, as he constantly appealed to the crowd to listen closely.

”I feel my sound is unique,” D-O says, ”I started off rapping, now I sing, I blend both of them together, I always try to be different from what people are doing, but one thing I pride myself in is my consistency,” he declares as we settle into the session.

play D-O and moderator, Osagie Alonge on stage during the question and answer session (Pulse)

He performed some songs off the project, from the opening track, ‘The Motto’, which features his Mum saying prayers for him on its intro. He also delved into a number of new songs like ”Ja Gan’, Patapata’, ‘Shawn Michaels’, ‘Awilo’ and ‘Rabba Man’, where he paused to place emphasis on the creation of the song and how much it meant to him, generating quite some excitement from the crowd.

Previously released singles like ‘Footwork’, ‘Itty Bitty’ and a remix to the notable joint, ‘Chop Elbow’ featuring Falz are also part of the mixtape.

On the one message he is passing with this album, D-O says, ”It is like an announcement, I really want people to take notice that this guy’s music is special.”

play Odunsi The Engine was present at Prettyboy D-O’s listening session (Pulse)
play Talent manager, Asa Asika was in attendance at the listening session (Pulse)


play D-O performing at the end of the listening session of his mixtape (Pulse)


He stated that he started recording songs on the album far back as two years ago and describes the body of work as the best collection of work he believes he can put out right now.

D-O ended the show by turning the session into a party as he performed a number of the songs, and in his traditional manner, he wasted no time in taking off his shirt and inviting the fans to join him on stage as he delivered a rousing performance that had the fans pining for an extended play of the songs.

The event had in attendance a number of celebrities like Odunsi the Engine, Bizzle Osikoya, Asa Asika and more.

The ‘Everything is Pretty’ mixtape contains 11 tracks and four features.

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