'Prepare to leave EU NOW' Ukip leader Bolton calls on May to walk away from Brexit

Posted on Oct 1 2017 - 5:54am by admin

Mr Bolton, who was newly elected yesterday at the annual conference, said that as 17.4 million people had voted to leave, the party had a “moral obligation to ensure that we do.”

He launched a savage attack on the Conservative Prime Minister who he criticised for wanting to leave the EU “only in name” and adding that she had “no intention of taking us out” following her Florence speech plans for a two year transition period. 

He said: “She claimed she offered strong and stable leadership – oh well. Unfortunately for the country and many of our previous supporters trusted her.

“So 14 months after the referendum, so have we come any closer to regaining control of our borders? Are we able to agree our own trade agreements? Our parliament and our courts are still subordinate to a foreign power.”


He continued: “So Prime Minister where is your strong and stable leadership because I do not see it.

“What did she actually say in her speech in Florence? She said we were moving through a critical period in history. The British people have decided to leave.

“Well, very good Sherlock. Very clever. What a startlingly clever Prime Minister we have.

“But did she suggest anything concrete? She asked for everything to stay exactly as it is. We will remain in the customs union and we will remain in the single market and we will be judged by a foreign court. Our commitments to the EU will continue. But there is a change – we will no longer be able to shape EU policy.

“What she’s actually asked for is no change, in effect, until 2021 at the very earliest.

“Does that sound like leaving the EU in a determined manner?”

Mr Bolton also took a swipe at the top EU mandarins – Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt and Donald Tusk – saying their arrogance was as “startling as it is rude”.

He said: “Far from a strong hand, the European Commission pretty much dictated Theresa May’s financial settlement offer to the EU and we now know that Donald Tusk has a similar arrogance to others.

“I have a difficulty of a foreign diplomat standing in Downing Street telling our Prime Minister that a British Prime Minister has failed to make significant progress. Can you imagine that happening on Moscow?

“I believe the arrogance of Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt, Michel Barnier and Donald Tusk is as startling as it is plain rude.”

The speech went down well with the party faithful although there were some behind the scenes grumblings.

One party insider told the Express.co.uk: “It seems Mr Bolton certainly is living up to his nickname.  I’m struggling to think of anything that stood out in his speech. Obviously he’s only just taken over the leadership but it seems that what he’s offering is rhetoric. 

“Whilst Labour has momentum we have inertia.

“Perhaps it’s just as well that he will be Nigel Farage’s proxy so Banks and he get can on with running the party by themselves…at least until they get bored of that.

“Fundamentally what ukip have is a leader with no publicly elected mandate, no vote on Brexit and no control over 20 MEPs.”

As well Ukip financial backer Arron Banks attempted to ruffle a few feathers.

Ukip’s Neil Hamilton wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely delighted that @_HenryBolton is new leader #Ukip. Looking forward to working with him to take @UKIPWales forward #Brexit” with Mr Banks responding: “Kiss of death”.

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