“Power”: Here's how Twitter reacted to season 5 episode 3

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Episode three of “Power” season five – Are We On the Same Team? – aired on Sunday, and here’s how Twitter reacted.

In the third episode, we get to see Tony Teresi for who he is: a snitch. When Saxe and Mak  ask him to give them some information they can use against Tommy in exchange for his freedom, he reveals that has been his plan all along. And by the end of the episode, Teresi is a free man.

In the new episode, Angela, who is still successfully ignoring Ghost’s calls, meets and gets to have sex with Steve Tampion, a handsome Fed from D.C., who she is also surprisingly opening up to on the Jimenez case.

Tasha finds out that Ghost killed the drunk driver who killed the son of the couple in their grief group. She confronts him, calling him out for not being able to kill Dre or Kanan, but is using his vigilante skill on a stranger.

Ghost says he had to make just one thing right. Unfortunately, his action only made things for the family as the police suspects the grieving father of the murder. 

Kanan and Tasha meet at Tommy’s place while looking for Egan. She blames him for her daughter’s death and Tariq’s criminal acts.

With a threatening look, he grabs her arm, but Tasha stands up to him: “If you f— with me, you better kill me n—-a, because I swear to god, you best believe I will get you back,” she says to him.

Also in the episode, Ghost has sex with Linda, a potential investor who he had pitched the Queens Child Project to. He also unwillingly agrees to let Tommy begin laundering money through the club again.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the episode:


















Ahead of its season five premiere, “Power” was renewed for a sixth season in March.

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