Popular Lagos Philanthropist, Kokun Exposes Chat Where Tonto Wished Death to Befall an Entrepreneur

Posted on Nov 12 2017 - 9:10am by admin

The shenanigans of controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh has been exposed by popular Lagos philanthropist, Adepeju Olukokun popularly known as Kokun Foundation who shared a recent chat between the two in which the actress was caught hands down wishing death on an entrepreneur, Babatunde Rufai.
The chat revealed the evil that roams the actress’ mind and showed her as a great pretender who lives a double life. Trouble started after Kokun posted a photo of one of his friend, Babatunde Rufai (@tundewearitall) a luxury boutique owner on his page, who he says has supported him and his foundation, with over N5 million.
Not long after Kokun posted the photo, Tonto Dikeh sent him a private message, declaring her hatred for the said man, even though they had never met. In a shocking unwarranted display of bitter hatred, Tonto declared in the leaked chat saying “if I see a way to have him killed, I will do so”
Kokun also shared the screenshots on his Instagram page before taking it down after it had generated controversy. Kokun wrote: “This is yesterday chats between @kokunfoundation and @tontolet about me all because Kokun posted advert of my store on his page yesterday. To say I’m livid will be an understatement! This is someone I have never met or had a conversatin with saying she hate me to the extent of wanting to kill me, I stand by what I believe as regards people, life faith and change!”
He added: “In all honesty, this is someone I dont’ have anything against. I have never exchange any words with her before but she hate me so much to want to kill me. This to me is a threat and I’m putting out to the public because I need to be sure that I can move around freely without fear of being lynched. I have involved my lawyers and i’m not taking this with levity. You will be hearing from them soon.
“You have that I’m making progress and what I stand for. You hate that a black man with a hope and future is making waves and touching lives of people.
Babatunde Rufai
I dare you, Tonto Dikeh to come out openly and point out my gay partners, people I have been involved with, that you know, otherwise be forever silenced because you just looking for someone to drag into your shitty life. I know you will want to counter this and cover up with even more lies, but you know what, I will make sure I get it to the last with you for trying to bring me down. You preach peace, love on social media but you are the devil himself, pretending to be virtuous, have religious morales and beliefs. I admonish you not to feign public desirable attitude under the pretense of being a church girl. I’m no Christian but I know the Church doesn’t preach this!”


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