Poland-EU row RAGES ON: Warsaw facing sanctions as Brussels chief fails to get concessions

Posted on Jun 20 2018 - 12:37am by admin

Mr Timmermans was seen grinning yesterday as he left the meeting with the Polish leader, despite admitting he had not scooped concessions from Poland over a spat which saw the EU accuse its fifth biggest member state of breaching the rule of law.

Mr Timmermans said: “We have conducted a good and constructive discussion on issues related to the rule of law.

“The prime minister provided me with some information for me to study. I will do it and I believe that we will continue the constructive dialogue to solve this problem.”

Mr Morawiecki said: “We are always focused on finding a solution.”

The pair posed for pictures and left swiftly without answering questions.

The spat began when Poland took controversial measures by overhauling the country’s judicial system, which would force a third of their Supreme Court judges to retire by 65.

This triggered outrage in Brussels, with officials accusing Poland of endangering its rule of law and breaching EU laws and values, though Mr Morawiecki has argued the overhaul was nothing more than a reform after their judicial system remained untouched since communist times.

Mr Timmermans visited Mr Morawiecki to urge him to scrap the overhaul or risk the wrath of the bloc’s 37 other member states at a hearing, the outcome of which could be the triggering of so-called Article 7, which would strip Poland of its voting rights.

Though Hungary’s anti-EU Prime Minister Viktor Orban quickly came to Poland’s defence and vowed to block any EU counter-measures should a unanimous vote against it take place.

Joining forces with Mr Orban was Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

So far, next week’s hearing is still set to place and has been brought forward to June 26, a week before Poland’s Supreme Court overhaul begins on July 3.

Proceedings against Poland began in December and should Article 7 go ahead, it will be the first time the EU has sanctioned one of its own member states.

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