PMQs: May lectures Corbyn on value of STRONG economy instead of Labour's GREAT Depression

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The pair clashed once again after Mr Corbyn blasted Mrs May in last week’s Commons when it emerged the DWP charged claimaints struggling with the rollout of benefits shake-up up to 55p a minute. 

Mrs May also came under pressure to reveal how she would managed in the event of a Brexit no-deal scenario. 

It comes after the Prime Minister was forced to meet with Tory rebels on Tuesday ahead of a crucial vote today to discuss concerns over the Government’s flagship welfare reform. 

Conservative MPs Heidi Allen, Johnny Mercer and Sarah Wollaston say a six-week delay for new Universal Credit claimants would force many into poverty. 

Theresa May will head to Brussels tomorrow for a crunch EU Council summit. 

It comes after the prime minister flew to Brussels on Monday to meet Jean-Claude Juncker for dinner in a bid to speed up Brexit talks. 

See below for this afternoon’s PMQs as it happened.. 

PMQs live BBC

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are set to clash this afternoon

12:51pm upate: Labour’s Neil Skinner raised the issue of fracking, as he accused fracking company INEOS of having contaminated water. 

Mrs May answered: “Fracking will continue as we look into energy sources in the future.”

12:49pm update: Julie Cooper MP asks whether cuts in school funding will mean a decline in school standards.

Mrs May replied saying: “The Tories are putting a record funding into our schools.

“More children are in good or outstanding schools. Investing in skills is a key part of our bid to boost productivity.” 

12:46pm update: When quizzed over a Brexit no deal scenario, Mrs May took a swipe at the SNP and Labour Party. 

She said: “You don’t enter negotiations taking the stance of the Labour party and SNP.”

Mrs May insisted that their stance could mean that they would accept any deal no matter how damaging it could be to the British economy. 

12:45pm update: SNP’s John McNally says he has a red card in his pocket as he attacks Mrs May for her MP being away in Barcelona to stand as an assistant referee. 

He said: What signal does she think this sends to hard-working  members of the public?”

12:41pm update: The prime minister has been quizzed on homlessness, to which she insists £500m is being put into solving homelessness

She said: “Why don’t you ask the London mayor what he is doing about homelessness?”

Theresa May said a Brexit no deal was a possible scenario SKY NEWS

Theresa May said a Brexit no deal was a possible scenario

12:38pm update: Lilian Greenwood has raised the issue of sprinklers for high rise block after the devestating Grenfell fire.

She says: “The prime minister promised we cannot and will not ask people to live in unsafe homes, how safe would she feel living on the 24th floor of a building in my constituency with one flight of staris and no sprinklers?

Mrs May replied: “There are a number of aspects to be looked at in respect to safety in tower blocks, sprinklers isn’t the only think we’re looking at or the only solution for these tower blocks.

“It is up to constituencies to decide where money goes. “

12:35pm update:  Victoria Prentis says it’s good to see Theresa May back in “full voice”

12:31pm update: Ruth George MP has raised concerns over the Universal Credit phone line and those who have racked up debt. 

But Theresa May reiterated helpline charges have been scrapped and spoke of her support for Universal Credit. 

She said: niversal credit means more people are getting into the work place than those on job seekers allowance, and ensuring that as they earn more they keep more.

12:27pm update: Labour MP Rachel Reeves has questioned Mrs May on the energy cap and raised concerns over winter customers who are worried about paying their bills. 

Mrs May says she hopes energy firms will change their rules before a law is enforced. 

Commons SKY NEWS

The debate took place just hours after the Tories U-turned over the Universal Credit rollout

12:22pm update: SNP’s Ian Blackford has said a Brexit no deal would be “unthinkable”.

He adds: “The people of this country will pay a economic price for a hard Brexit.” 

But Theresa May says the government must be prepared for all possible scenarios. 

She said: “We are in the process of a negotiation on Brexit. We will leave the EU in march 2019, we are negotiating for the best possible deal for the UK.” 

12:17pm update: Corbyn has poked fun at Tory splits saying Amber Rudd has deliberately been seated in between Philip Hammond and Boris Johoson to avoid arguments. 

12:15pm update: Mrs May has defended the DUP deal, saying the government has found “£20billion to give a tax cut and £38m to freeze fuel duty – that’s how we help ordinary working people day in day out

12:13pm update: Jeremy Corbyn is asking Theresa May why she can’t throw more money into the NHS.

Mrs May says: “The government has no money of its own, it collects money from taxes from business and people to spend on the nhs and services people need, if businesses and people don’t work the government doesnt have the money to spend on the nhs, schools, hospitals..

“To ensure businesses are growing and people are in work is with a conservative government.” 

To which Mr Corbyn hits out saying: “The Government didn’t seem to have trouble finding 1 billion for the DUP,” to lots of jeers


Corbyn claimed victory after the Tories U-turned over Universal Credit

12:12pm update: Corbyn has laid into Theresa May for her U-turn over Universal Credit charges, telling the prime minister her own MPs are against welfare changes. 

But May insists she is listening: “I said last week that we were listening to a number of proposals and I think it’s right to have done this now.

“I want people to know that they can ring in, get advice without being worried about it.”

12:10pm update: Corbyn says when millions of workers are relying on benefits system to make ends meet – isn’t that a sign of a weak economy?

But May hits back saying the government is taking steps, frozen fuel duty, taking lowest paid out of income tax  – you can only do these things with a strong economy and only get a strong economy with a Conservative government


12:08pm update: May hits back saying: “It is good news that more people are in work, it is good news that the unemployment is at its lowest rate for over 40 years.”

“I think this is  the first time that Jeremy has welcomed a fall in unemployment. 

“It is good news that more people are in work, it is good news that the unemployment rate is at its lowest levels in over 40 years. that does mean more money being taken home in wages to their family. 

“The cost of living – £30m people have been given a tax cut worth a £1000 to a basic rate tax payer, the NLW has had the largest increase in 20 years.” 

12:06pm update: Jeremy Corbyn welcomed a fall in unemployment, but said: “Real wages are lower today than they were ten years ago. Most people in work are worse off.

“Does the PM believe falling wages are a sign of a strong economy?”

12:04pm update: Esther McVey has asked Theresa May to reaffirm the govenrment’s commitment to northern power house, saying will the “voice of the north be heard”

Theresa May says her government is “committed to the northern power house”.

She said: “We are backing business growth across the north,” adding she is hoping to create a “country that works for everyone”. 

12:01pm update: May is starting by marking anti-slavery day, calling it an “abhorrent crime”. 

11:56am update: Those expected to ask questions include Dennis Skinner, ex-DWP Secretary Esther McVey and former shadow transport secretary Lilian Greenwood. 

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