PMQs: May in BRUTAL dig at Corbyn – 'Typical Labour – say one thing, do another!'
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This afternoon MPs will be asked to vote on an amendment on the EU Withdrawal Bill which would allow Parliament a greater say on the final Brexit bill. 

The bill was sent back from the House of Lords following a failed rebellion last week which nonetheless saw Remainer MPs claim they had been assured by Mrs May of their right to a meaningful vote. 

Today’s PMQs will also see the return of the SNP, who last week stormed out of the Commons in protest at how they perceived Scotland’s role in the Brexit debate was being stifled. 

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12.40pm: PMQs finishes

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Check during the day for the latest developments from today’s crunch Brexit vote. 

12.30pm: More on Trump migrant policy

Gavin Shuker MP also highlights the US child migrant situation: “He said let me get this straight. Pesident Trump has locked up 2,000 little children in cages and will not release them unless he can build a wall. He has turned away Muslims.

“What does this man have to do have the invitation she has extended revoked.”

Mrs May responded: “We have key shared interests with US and it’s right we sit down and discuss those with the president.”

12.25pm: Children ‘caged like animals’ on US border

Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader, is called upon to jeers following last week’s walk-out.

He said infants are being “caged like animals” on the US border and warns hundreds of these children may never be reunited with their parents.

He asks: “Is the Prime Minister still intending to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.”

Mrs May pokes fun at last week’s stunt before agreeing the pictures “are deeply disturbing” and says “this is not the United Kingdom’s approach”.

She said the visit is important because it will give her a chance to have an important discussion with Mr Trump.

She said: “Pictures of children held in what appear to be cages are deeply disturbing. This is not our approach.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the United States and it’s important when we see the president here we will have those discussions.

Mr Blackford responded: “That’s a disappointing answer. We should all condemn actions of Donald Trump and I ask PM to do that.”

12.20pm: NHS row

Mr Corbyn hits out at the Prime Minister on the NHS.

He asks: “Until this government can be straight with people where the money is coming from, why should anyone anywhere trust them on the NHS?”

The PM responded: “He can stand up here all he likes and talk about the Labour Party’s plans for money, but what we know is that the Labour Party’s plans would bankrupt the country.”

12.15pm: ‘Mickey Mouse figures’

Mr Corbyn accuses Mrs May of coming up with numbers so big “they should be on the side of a bus”. 

And he doubles down by accusing her of coming up with “Mickey Mouse figures”. 

The Labour leader said: “Our net contribution to EU is £8.5bn a year – £600m a week is over £30bn a year. Her figures are so dodgy they belong on the side of a bus. We expect that from the Foreign Secretary but why is PM pushing her own Micky Mouse figures.”

12.10pm: May hits back

Mrs May said: “I think he asked a question on the NHS so can I be very clear. We’ve set out a long-term plan, set a five-year settlement and there will be money no longer sent to EU we will be spending on NHS. That’s not the policy of the Labour front bench.”

She then hit out at accusations she was misinterpreting the divident before quoting Mr Corbyn himself saying money saved from the EU could be used by the NHS. 

Her use of the Leabour leader’s own speech drew howls of laughter from the Tory benches and groans from the opposition. 

Mr Corbyn responds: “The Prime Minister said extra funding on the NHS would come from Brexit, economic growth and tax. There can be no Brexit growth since 2022, economic growth is lowest since ’69 so which taxes are going up?”

Mr Corbyn by asking Mrs May “be straight with people – which taxes are going up and for who?”

12.08pm: Here’s Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn says he hopes the “hostile environment” will be put behind us as he joins Mrs May in paying tribute to the Windrush generation. 

He also acknowledges World Refugee Day, which falls today. He said it was time to tackle the “crises and conflicts” which contribute to the migrant issue. 

Mr Corbyn ends by hitting out at Mrs May’s Brexit divident, asking: “Which taxes are going up?”

12.05pm: Upskirting ‘hideous invasion’

Mrs May says an anti-upskirting bill will be introduced on Thursday. She condemns upskirting as “hideous”. 

She also says offenders will be added to the sex offenders register. 

12.00pm: And we’re off

Theresa May begins by paying tribute to those affected by the Finsbury Park attack. 

She also pays tribute to the Windrush generation, saying the new Windrush Day would “keep alive” their influence. 

11.50am: Opinion poll favours Labour

Some good news for Mr Corbyn ahead of PMQs with a new poll putting Labour ahead of the Tories.

The BMGresearch poll gave Labour 41 percent with the Tories on 38 percent.

The previous poll by the same pollsters in early May had the parties tied.

More to follow… 

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