Pixie Lott’s amazing school days throwback will make you SO nostalgic!

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Hands up if you have one of these classic primary school creations stored in the kitchen cupboard?…

Ahh! A young Pixie Lott looking gorgeous as ever – shame about the Halloween inspired dress she chose to wear on the red carpet

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Pixie Lott has taken fans back to their school days when she uploaded snaps of her former school day tradition.

The 26-year-old singer, has dug around in her cherished belongings to find a tea towel – but it’s no ordinary tea towel – as it’s got dozens of cartoon faces on that represent every child in her school year at St Nicholas School, class of 2000.

Pixie uploaded the clip as she browsed the animated faces before settling on the one she drew of herself.

She uploaded the clips to her Instastory with the caption: ‘#WontforgetYou’

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It’s not known what prompted Pixie to sort through her old school keepsakes but with her impending wedding to her fiancee Oliver Cheshire, maybe the singer was sorting out seating plan for the nuptials.

Her doodle shows a girl with straight hair and a fringe, smiling above the name Victoria Lott – which is actually Pixie’s real name – Victoria Louise ‘Pixie’ Lott.

During the Thursday throwback, Pixie also uncovered a letter she wrote to God which gave thanks for her house and another and asked for help for one household chore…

It read: ‘Dear God, Thank you for my home. Please help me to hoover’ and featured a scribble of a girl doing the hoovering. To which Pixie captioned: ‘Still praying for this now’.

Pixie previously admitted she still cringes about her hairstyle when she was growing up. recalling her fashion faux pas that still make her cringe, she said: ‘Oh my God, yeah. [She gets her phone out and starts showing us photos on her Timehop]. There’s me with curly hair and a straight fringe back when I was at school. That is awful! I do not like that look. I have naturally curly hair which is great, but a straight fringe with curls is never acceptable! 

Pixie managed to iron our her curls pretty well on her doodle – just as well, as GHD’s weren’t invented until 2001…

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