‘PIPE DOWN!’ Brexit trade coup will be huge boost insists Bill Cash in Remainer slapdown

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 7:07pm by admin

The Tory MP said Britain’s unexpected capacity to be able to sign and seal its own deals during the transition will allow the UK to get straight on with making the most of “unbelievable opportunities” in global trade.

And in a shot at pro-Remain campaigners, he suggested they should “pipe down” and look at official UK figures which he said show trade with the EU is slowing while exports to the rest of the world are on the up.

UK and EU negotiators announced they had reached a draft agreement on the majority of issues holding up the Brexit transition deal on Monday.

And today, European Council President Donald Tusk signalled EU leaders would sign off on the terms.

Brussels had initially insisted the UK would be able to discuss trade with non-European Union countries during the interim period but not actually sign any deals until December 2020.

But in an unexpected development on Monday, the bloc caved to Britain’s demands.

Following the announcement, Sir Bill told Express.co.uk: “It’s a great victory for International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and the Prime Minister and it’s vitally important because it means we can now get out there and really do it.

“It’s tremendous. An unbelievable boost.

“We can use this global trade surplus to pay for our public services.

“All these moaners and groaners just don’t understand any of it.

“They just don’t see there are new horizons out there and also we get back our own democratic decision making.

“All the nonsense sought by the Remainers that we aren’t going to get access to the markets that we’re losing out, is entirely wrong.

“All the remoaners really ought to pipe down.”

While the majority of transition terms have been agreed, both sides have acknowledged “more work” needs to be done to solve the Northern Ireland border issue.

Asked if he was happy the interim deal had been struck, and would effectively keep the UK tied to Brussels until the end of December 2020, Sir Bill said: “I regard that as the absolute maximum period of time.

“In an ideal world I’d rather we have more issues resolved, but we know business are happy with a transition, and we have to have to live with that reality.

“We’re happy we’re moving forward. We’re happy about the fact we’re leaving, but in the transition period, there are unresolved issues.

“The bottom line is we’re now leaving and that’s a plus.

“However, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and I don’t quite know what the outcome will be from Theresa May’s meeting later this week.”

The MP for Stone also hit out at Germany’s dominance in the EU, branding the bloc a “goldmine” for the economic powerhouse.

He said official figures from the Office for National Statistics show the UK buys some £60billion more of goods and services from the EU than it sells to the continent.

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