Pikachu Gets Bangs: Pokemon Fans Freak Out Over Hair Makeover — See Hilarious Tweets

Posted on Jul 15 2018 - 4:07am by admin

We’ve all been there. We decided that we need bangs, only to cut our hair and immediately regret the decision. Now that Pikachu has debuted a bangin’ new ‘do, Pokemon fans are going in on the haircut.

If you’ve ever looked at a Pokemon and thought, “hmm, needs bangs,” then today is your lucky day. A new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee has been released, and it revealed that you can customize the hairstyles of both Pikachu and Eevee. It seems like it’d be a fun feature, but Twitter can’t get over how Pikachu looks with a certain ‘do. A photo of the Pokemon with bangs started circulating on social media, and people couldn’t stop poking fun at the admittedly hilarious hairdo.

Upon seeing the image of Pikachu with bangs, Twitter user @ArrynZech made a perfect comparison between how we all feel after cutting off the front of our locks and how the emotions cartoon monster must be experiencing right now. “Just like millions of people around the world, Pikachu immediately regretted it’s [sic] decision to get bangs,” the person tweeted. Another user predicted how the hairstyle came to be. “Pikachu got wine drunk and cut their own hair at 3 am,” @Julian_Epp commented.

Then there was @BowtiesAreC0ol who joked, “When your mother – who has no business cutting your hair – cuts your hair. #Pikachu.” Another person wanted to know if they should be alarmed by the Pokemon’s new look. “Why did i see a picture of Pikachu with bangs on the news? are we under attack,” @OBiiieeee asked.

But not everyone was mocking the cartoon creature. Twitter user @kristisdead shared the photo along with the caption, “Pikachu with bangs is so cute I’m proud of him.” TBH, we feel the same way. Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee drop on Nov. 16, 2018.

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