Piers Morgan advised Celebrity Big Brother's disgraced Roxanne Pallett to go into hiding as GMB presenter admits he felt sorry for her

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Roxanne Pallett Piers Morgan told Roxanne Pallett to go into hiding  [Channel 5]

Piers Morgan has revealed that he advised Celebrity Big Brother star Roxanne Pallett to go into hiding following her sensational exit from the show amid Ryan Thomas “punch” accusations. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 53, confessed that he felt sorry for the former Emmerdale actress amid public outrage against her. 

Speaking to The Sun’s Bizzare TV column, Piers said: “I know Roxanne a bit and I don’t feel sorry for in the sense she got herself into this mess and I think she played it very badly.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas call a truce Ryan Thomas was left broken by Roxanne’s accusations [Channel 5]

“I think she knows how badly she played it and I think the scale of abuse she’s now getting is beginning to get a bit much. People should calm down. She had to leave that show.

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“She’s lost her pantomime gig, she’s lost her radio show. Everyone just wants to wipe down and extinguish and it’s got a bit brutal.” 

Piers added:  “I think she made a big mistake, shouldn’t have done what she did, and I told her, ‘Go away, clear your head and come back and start again’.

Roxanne apologised on TV in front of the nation [Wenn]

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“In the end it’s a TV show. What she did was not smart and she knows it and I’m beginning to feel a bit sorry for her.

“I think it’s now become a witch hunt. It’s brutal.”

Piers’s confession comes as Roxanne recently lost her job as Cinderella in pantomime, as well as her regular radio hosting gig. 

Syco Summer PartyPiers Morgan is known for his controversial opinions [Wenn]

The actress herself even confessed that she was “the most hated girl in the UK,” as she chatted to Emma Willis during an exclusive interview following her exit, also apologising for accusing Ryan of assault when their exchange appeared to be nothing more than a play fight. 

While Ryan’s loved ones including his brother Adam Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh slammed her apology, Piers claimed that she had done all she could and should be forgiven. 

“Other than do a full Mea Culpa and admit you were wrong, there’s not much more you can do than that than to say you were wrong and apologise,” he said. 

“That was the advice I gave her which I think other people were telling her too. And I don’t know her that well but I do feel a little bit sorry for her it’s become a TV crucifixion.” 

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