Photo Of The Day: You've got to love Toke Makinwa's dress!

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 4:25pm by admin

Many times when we post our photo of the day, we usually talk more about  the personality and not so much of their outfits.

But today, we will be living in denial if we say we aren’t blown away by Toke Makinwa’s dress. It has everything going for it. From the colour to the fitting and the style, Toke sure picked the right dress for herself.

It is always magical and interesting when ladies wear clothes with the colour pink which is exactly what is happening here in this photo.

We already know that Toke Makinwa is a fashionista and unarguably one of the most stylish women in Nigeria, but today’s outfit shows that Toke is yet to be unequaled when it comes to slaying.

The last time we got to see the media personality break the Internet was a few weeks ago when she revealed that she had won N7.5M betting on France to win the just concluded World Cup. Toke Makinwa is not just a successful businesswoman but has got a lot of luck on her side.

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