Photo Of The Day: What is beneath Toke Makinwa's staircases?

Posted on Nov 24 2018 - 5:26pm by admin

Toke Makinwa has to be one of the most stylish women you would find in and around the city, no doubt.

But on our photo of the day, just for one second fix your eyes other than the celeb (Toke Makinwa). We just want to know what is under her staircase. Wondering why we are so inquisitive (please stop looking at Toke and look under the stairs)?

Toke Makinwa posted the photo on her Instagram page and gave a rather unexpected caption, saying she wanted to clean under her stairs and that’s why we are wondering what’s under those stairs.

As for Toke’s photo, we don’t think we can say much as you guys can give your best shot at trying to figure out how she has become so hot and curvy over the last few months. She indeed must have put in a lot of efforts at looking this hot!

What are your thoughts guys? Is there something that needs to go or stay in this photo? And please take those naughty thoughts away…we want Toke’s house to be neat!

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