Photo Of The Day: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's swag is infectious!
Posted on Aug 10 2018 - 11:38pm by admin

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is unarguably one of the most stylish celebrities from this side of the world. Whatever he decides to wear, is most likely going to become a fashion magazine teaser.

Just like almost every other time he stuns us on social media, Ebuka’s outfit and style trigger our inner desire to look great on our photo of the day. Ebuka has a way of mixing these outfits with accessories like the hat in this photo which always turns out well.

You might want to come for the colour of this outfit because of it’s resemblance to that of the Zebra but hey guys, we don’t really care, it’s Ebuka and so he can get away with any colour and style.

Since breaking into the social circle a few years ago, Ebuka has become not just a role model to many but a fashion icon. He has got so much style, we might just conclude that he is that guy with so much swag and sauce.

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