Photo Of The Day: Beverly Osu stuns us with the Jasmine look!

Posted on Sep 11 2018 - 3:31pm by admin

Ever thought of dressing up as your favourite cartoon character while growing up? Yes, guys, it would be like a dream come through for so many including yours truly.

It is a known fact that Beverly Osu is one of the prettiest celebrities in town who is never shy to show off her beauty even though sometimes we get to see more than we expected.

On our photo of the day, Beverly Osu blows our mind away with the remake of the popular cartoon character, Jasmine. Like no one literally saw this coming especially with the fact she kind of sent a message with this photo.

You might want to what message she is sending guys which is simply the fact women should embrace their skin colour. Everything about this photo shows how the ebony beauty will be sending “black girl and proud” goals to everyone.

If you check her comment section on her Instagram page, you will find a number of celebrities in total awe of this photo. Well whoever came up with this idea, certainly had the right person in front of the camera.

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