Peter Okoye: This is what Mr P needs to get his solo career ‘popping'

Posted on Oct 27 2017 - 10:49am by admin

I always knew Peter Okoye had it in him. All these months of agitating for the breakup of Psquare due to disrespect has to lead to a new single. Peter Okoye, the more vocal of the Okoye has consolidated his push for a solo career by dropping a new single.

The former Psquare member (who has the incredible, most creative name ever in the music industry, ‘Mr P’,), now has a song and a video as a solo artist. It’s getting the ‘single’ treatment, with promotional budget thrown in to make the song pop.

It’s official now. The entity named Mr P now has music to validate its existence and justify its birth from the downfall of what has been Africa’s biggest music group.


Peter Okoye’s new single is titled ‘Cool it down’. It’s an R&B track that stylistically combines the ‘Pon Pon’ production into a fusion. Peter laces the production with melody and lyrics which has him begging his love interest, for forgiveness. The video by Patrick Elis carries the emotion through and entertains. Peter fights for the love of his life by pleading, singing, and offering some signature choreography with his dance group.

Everything here comes from the Psquare playbook. The melody comes from an earlier time in Psquare’s career; a time when they were earnest loverboys, and created records that made the ladies swoon, and the guys shameless to associate with something so mushy. They conquered feminism, transcended the hold of masculinity, and became gods of pop and everything popping. They were that good, big and impactful.

The vocal delivery can be recognised as one of the lesser known iterations of Psquare’s singing. The lyrical composition is basic but fits right in with Psquare’s legacy. And even when he dances, we get the feeling that Psquare was in motion. The only difference in all of the creation was that Paul didn’t deliver dynamism to the second verse, with his inflected singing. The rest was all Psquare.


Everyone expects Peter Okoye to bite from the Psquare brand. Afterall, he is still being called ‘Peter Psquare’. No one expects him to do anything markedly different from his time with his brother. His artistry was created, groom and nurtured as part of Psquare. Psquare will always be in his veins, his blood, his every breath, and even when he is taking a shit, a part of it will be screaming ‘Peter and shit they be one no be two.’

So while ‘Cool it down’ brings with it a dose of nostalgia and style, it is simply what Peter wants. But is it what he needs?

No. Unknown to them both, the moment they decided to split, they began to compete against each other. Every new record, every move, will be stripped, analysed, and picked for competitive value. People will pit the Okoye twins against themselves in the news, on social media and any platform.

The reason why that isn’t happening now is that Paul has not released his solo effort. When he does, the wave of criticism will come. As a neutral, that will be interesting to see.

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What Peter Okoye needs to stack up and not look like a loser or a lower talent, is not ‘Cool it down.’ The single isn’t bad, but it isn’t needed. What is needed is a huge pop record. A record like ‘Shekini’, ‘Alingo’, ‘Danger’, or ‘Bizzy body’. That’s what he needs to explode the scene and get popping immediately.

He can do it. He has the talent for it. He has the fanbase to activate and create a new wave. He has everything. All He needs is to feed that structure with the right record, and goodness and money shall follow him from the start.

Paul shouldn’t beat him to this. If he does, then he would get more disrespect from many quarters, something he hates and has been at the root of Psquare’s split.

“I give him my respect as an older brother,” a hurt Peter Okoye told Vibes. “I don’t have a problem with that but when you disrespect me based on the job, then there’s a problem. One thing I will never do when I come back to this life again is mix family with business.”

Well, this is one life, and business has been mixed with family. Only this time, he has the chance to gain back that public respect and redeem his image. He would be a fool not to take it.

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