People’s Vote crisis: Second referendum campaigner Femi ‘quits’ crisis-hit group

Posted on Nov 19 2019 - 11:32pm by admin

The leading anti-Brexit activist is among those from pro-European advocacy group Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) to have severed ties with the People’s Vote campaign, according to reports. Last weekend it was announced three staff members of the group along with youth organisation For our Future’s Sake (FFS) had broken ties with People’s Vote. The 29-year-old political activist is the founder of OFOC. While all three groups are determined to stop Brexit by pushing for a second EU referendum, they did not agree on the path which should be taken. 

Mr Oluwole has emerged as one of the most outspoken anti-Brexit campaigners in recent years. 

According to the pro-Brexit Guido Fawkes website Mr Oluwole is no longer associate with the People’s Vote campaign. 

Last week it emerged Roland Rudd had quit as chairman of People’s Vote. 

An internal row over the campaign’s strategy is believed to have caused division. 

Mr Rudd, a multimillionaire PR executive, will not be replaced until after the December 12 election. 

Activists from FFS and OFOC said they believed Mr Rudd had “wrecked” a last-ditch attempt to allow staff back into the campaign in order to keep a second Brexit vote centre-stage during the election. 

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Mr Heneghan is facing an investigation into sexual harassment claims. 

Will Dry, co-founder of the OFOC group, said: “Our Future, Our Choice is doing everything it can to ensure a majority of MPs elected support a People’s Vote. 

“We’re proud to be a part of the People’s Vote campaign, that has helped move an idea that was on the fringes of the Brexit debate to the centre. We fully support any party, candidate, or other campaign that is spending every day before December 12th fighting for a People’s Vote. 

“Three committed campaigners from OFOC’s team of eight have decided, with the full support of OFOC, to leave the People’s Vote campaign and campaign with For Our Future’s Sake in this election. We wish them all the best of luck and hope they have the biggest impact possible.” 

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, co-founder of FFS, said in a statement: “Boardroom plots by rich men like Roland Rudd cannot be allowed to jeopardise the future of this country. 

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