Parliament erupts as Davidson totally dismantles Sturgeon's economic track record

Posted on Mar 30 2018 - 5:16am by admin

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was shut down by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson when she blamed SNP inefficiency for the fact that Scotland’s economic growth is a third of the rate of the UK as a whole. 

Davidson started the debate in Scottish Parliament with a bang when she asked Sturgeon why economic growth in Scotland was so low. 

She added: “Also, this SNP’s economic plan has been lost in the weeds thanks to myriad of strategies, advisor groups and bodies now cluttering the landscape.

“Does the first minister think these two facts are connected?”

Her accusation comes after a report by Fraser of Allander institute which looked at how streamlined the Scottish government was.

Davidson proved her point of the “myriad” of bodies by listing all the strategies implemented by Nicola Sturgeon.

She said: “There’s an economic growth strategy, a digital strategy, an energy strategy and circular economy strategy, a climate change plan, a trade and investment strategy, labour market strategy, social enterprise strategy, there’s a hydro-nation strategy.

“There’s a strategy and action plan for women in enterprise, a STEM strategy, a manufacturing action plan, a youth employment strategy, an innovations action plan, a national islands plan, an agenda for cities, and finally an arctic strategy.

“Overseen by a grand total of nine government agencies, 32 local authorities, and 18 further advisor boards.”

Quoting the Fraser of Allander Institute, she ended her argument: “Back in 2007 the Scottish government promised a streamlined and effective policy landscape for the economy – ten years later it may be time to look again.

“That’s just them being polite isn’t it first minister.”

This was met by cheers from the opposition in the chamber.

Sturgeon attempted to fight back, and said: “Ruth Davidson mentioned the Arctic, I think its true to say that Scotland is going cold on the Tories.”

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