‘Outlander’: Jamie & Claire Reunited & It Feels So Good, Especially In Bed

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Once Jamie wakes up from his dead faint after seeing Claire again, these two lovebirds waste no time reuniting emotionally & in the bedroom as husband and wife, and it’s SO hot!

Whoa, Claire. After 20 years of being convinced that Jamie was killed at the battle of Culloden, she is ALIVE again and in Jamie’s arms. It doesn’t take long… just about five minutes for Jamie to get himself off the floor of his Edinburgh printing shop after his dead faint, to tell his re-appeared wife, “I would very much like to kiss you.” And that’s it. The two are tentative at first before passionately lip-locking. It’s everything that Claire hoped for when she learned that the man she loved was still alive after all, living in Scotland in the 1760s. And not only that — Jamie is as hunkalicious as ever.

Neither Claire, nor Jamie has aged at all in their 20 years apart. Jamie has paid attention to Claire’s 20th century medical advice, eating his dark greens and cleaning his teeth, so unlike many of his compatriots, he still has a full, healthy set. He also still has his unruly red hair and buff pecs, which Claire glowingly notices. Claire, herself, has de-aged in going back in time and getting rid of her 1960s helmet hair and aging makeup. Fresh-faced and frizzy-haired, she looks as gorgeous and youthful as can be.

Jamie really doesn’t have to say, “time doesn’t matter, Sassenach, you’ll always be beautiful to me,” but he does. “It’s fine to see you again,” he understates. Jamie admits that he has been dreaming about Claire for 20 years but now that she has returned through the stones, he is nervous about her motives. “Why did you come back? Did you come back to be my wife?” he asks. “I’ve hungered for you for years.” Music to Claire’s ears. Then it’s a breathtaking moment when Jamie snaps into reality and desperately asks whether their child was born and survived, then sees the strange portraits, called “photographs.” It’s one of the best parts of Outlander when the 20th century visits the 18th century. Jamie is blown away by the invention of photographs and how they allow him to look at how his longed-for baby has grown.

His reaction to Brianna in a bikini is priceless. Why is Claire showing him their daughter, practically naked? He can’t believe it. It’s touching when he eagerly pulls out his cherished painted portrait of his son, William, who he now hasn’t seen in several years.

So much has happened to these two people in 20 years. For Jamie, hiding as an outlaw in a cave, serving time in prison, his years as a groom in England raising William. For Claire, her empty marriage to Frank, the joys of raising Brianna, and then training and practicing as a gifted surgeon. “We know each other less than when we were first wed,” Jamie confesses sadly to Claire. However, this being Jamie and Claire, it’s as if no time has passed when they hit the bed sheets and their sexual chemistry is on fire once again.

“Christ, Claire, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Jamie reassures her. “I can’t look at you and not keep my hands off you.” Claire is all in. “I will never leave you again,” she promises. “I don’t know what is between us,” but Jamie agrees, “It’s still there.”

Claire, it turns out, isn’t just recognizable to Jamie — Fergus is all handsome and grown up. and instantly recognizes his beloved ‘mi lady.’ And, Jamie’s nephew, Ian Murray, makes an appearance and has some definite ideas about his “Aunt Claire.” “Some of the women at Lallybroch said you were a white witch or a fairy,” he confesses.

Now, this also being Jamie and Clare and Outlander, there’s always danger lurking. Just when Claire is enjoying her love and lovemaking afterglow while Jamie is off on business for a couple hours, a terrifying intruder breaks into her room, and we have to wait until next week to find out what the hell happened!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Claire and Jamie’s reunion?!

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