OMG! This former Hollyoaks star has been nominated for an OSCAR!

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From Hollyoaks to Hollywood!


Huge congratulations go to former Hollyoaks star Rachel Shenton  – who’s only gone and bagged herself an Oscar nomination!

The British actress, who played Mitzeee Minniver in the Channel 4 soap for three years, has been nominated for her short film, The Silent Child – which she wrote and stars in and also happens to have been directed by her fiancé Chris Overton.

The film tells the story of Libby, a profoundly deaf four-year-old girl, who lives a silent life until a social worker, played by Rachel, teaches her how to communicate through sign language.


Based on Rachel’s own experiences as the child of a parent who became deaf, The Silent Child has already won best short film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August 2017.

Taking inspiration for the film from her late father Geof, Rachel admitted it was difficult as a teenager to see her dad adapt to being deaf.

‘I witnessed my superhero dad for the first time seem vulnerable  and I noticed how easy it was for people to leave him out, not intentionally but in a group conversation made up of speaking and listening,’ she told The Sun.

‘When someone’s ears don’t work, how included can they be?’

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Appearing earlier this month on Good Morning Britain with star of the film, Maisie, six, Rachel opened up about her father.

She said: ‘My dad was profoundly deaf. He lived the last two years of his life profoundly deaf. He lost his hearing very suddenly. I saw then the first-hand effects that hearing loss can have.

‘That gave me the impetus to then learn sign language, I quickly fell in love with the language and I have been heavily involved in the deaf community ever since.

Adding: ‘I’ve seen the needless struggles that deaf children and deaf people face and that gave me the impetus to write.

We’ll have to wait until March 4 to see if Rachel and The Silent Child walk away with the coveted golden trophy – good luck, guys!

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