Olayode Juliana ‘Toyo Baby’ Finally Bares It All On Her Departure From Jenifas Diaries

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It hurts when individuals unfold lies about you and also you cannot do the rest to defend yourself. but thank God for a platform like this.

i might be pronouncing a lot of issues; it would be a long read however I promise you could possibly experience reading. i might be declaring in clear phrases the relationship I had with Aunty Funke.

I used ‘had’ and would be speaking in earlier aggravating as a result of like you realize, i am right now no longer on the Jenifa’s Diary series. And guess what? The news simply broke as of late, but i’ve been off the collection on the grounds that could,2016 (last yr); it’s been over a year already.

My publish can be in two parts; who Aunty Funke was to me (Juliana), after which, who I was to her. These are things only few individuals comprehend however i’m ready to let the sector recognize.

sure! i will begin along with her. Why? She’s a great person and i can’t wait for you to know how pretty she is on a one-on-one foundation. all of us have our flaws but we make a choice rather to rejoice our strengths. here goes!

Aunty Funke to Juliana!


Aunty Funke met me for the first time on the auditions of Jenifa’s Diary (she did not know me prior to that day). She saw my talent and believed in me. I worked along with her for years; she trained me and helped me in becoming a better actress. She would not take anything else wanting excellence from her cast. I truthfully have no longer seen anyone in Nollywood extra laborious working than Aunty Funke. and he or she made it an obligation to proper me and teach me on being better.


Aunty Funke helped pay my mum’s hospital bill for a fibroid surgical treatment, 200 and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), as a result of I had no cash at that time. She also gave to the ministry expensive to my heart, MINE Teenage Ministry after we were getting ready for an adventure, 100 thousand naira (N100,000) and my pastor called to appreciate her. So except for my pay as an actress on the series (which I received’t mention), that’s all I got from her money-clever, asides from exchange she gave me for transport when leaving set because as at then, I used to jump bus, ‘keke’ and bike backward and forward arrange until I left the series…lol. but in all, God used her to fulfill that major want in my life at the moment.


I fondly take into account that the occasions Aunty Funke would call me to her room whereas I was staying in her house (during set), and speak to me. She would take her time to propose me and motivate me as regards life basically. One particular day I treasure was the day she got here to the room I stayed and informed me, in a mother’s tone that I was once beautiful and she or he warned me sternly by no means to bleach. I smile on every occasion I remember the fact that. God bless her form heart!p


Aunty Funke by no means ceased to celebrate me. knowing how very good she is at what she does (performing), I used to be bowled over, elated and excited suddenly the day she informed me I was once a excellent actress. She advised me i might be great and celebrated. She saw years in the past what’s going down as of late. i am grateful for her words.


Juliana to Aunty Funke!


I was privileged to be the one holding Aunty Funke’s bag whereas on set. I ‘saved’ the money we spent on every day working and used to be required to balance account afterwards. I don’t like mathematics, so that used to be quite a few work…lol. money used to be by no means unaccounted for in my keep. I ran errands for Aunty Funke and made positive all that was wanted used to be supplied.


On set, on some events, when I was once not performing, I was once fanning and dabbing the faces of different actresses (together with extras). So, this is for those who have accused me of being proud. Please ask those I fanned and dabbed whereas making ready to go on set later. On some events, I additionally did my very own make-up and that of any other forged. All i wished to do was once SERVE; i wanted every set to be a success.


On set, there have been completely different events I served cast and crew (plus extras) meals and water. At some factors, I joined in washing plates when the plates were not enough to go spherical. And times I used to be no longer appearing, and i saw the ‘Mamas’ wanted lend a hand, I joined them in washing plates. they are alive to undergo witness.


I hardly ever forget issues I memorised, so I knew the continuity of major characters on the set. Aunty Funke used to ask Costumiers to verify costumes with me. On some events.I had to go to set previous than others and leave later than others to type out costumes, including wigs and other accessories. I looked ahead to doing it and by no means as soon as complained


I may now not force whereas on Jenifa’s Diary set, and i nonetheless can’t…lol however I awoke early on different occasions to wash Aunty Funke’s automotive. The occasions I didn’t wash, I dusted the car. She is a neat individual, so I made sure the inside of the automobile and the boot were tidy and clean. For me, it used to be pleasure serving Aunty Funke.


I lived with Aunty Funke whereas set was once on, so I counted it my duty to scrub the home. She lived in a duplex at Chevron at the moment, so I cleaned the complete home. Sweeping and moping from room to room. Scrubbing bathroom after toilet. I organized wardrobe after wardrobe, laid one bed after every other. you would not know any of those if i am not pronouncing this. I did all this with joy. She was special to me and also you serve those you like.


Aunty Funke is neat and very tidy and she does professional drycleaning. but there have been times she wanted a gown washed urgently and i helped her wash. Please don’t accuse me of being proud or rude to Aunty Funke once more. I SERVED her WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

UNOFFICIAL cook dinner

a few of my fond memories with Aunty Funke are the instances I cooked for Aunty Funke. I loved cooking for her. I followed any person who lived along with her then (identify withheld) to market on totally different events to purchase things we used to cook. Please notice, I had a house of my very own. I stayed with Aunty Funke best after we have been capturing except for times she particularly asked me to return over.


I learnt how you can therapeutic massage with Aunty Funke; I learnt on the job…lol. I knew she was regularly tired when we received again so it was once my pleasure to relieve her; she from time to time slept off whereas I massaged her. There used to be a day we have been on area and we did not take the oil. someone offered oil but as I held it, my spirit was now not at peace. So, I bowed my head and prayed over the oil. i didn’t understand Aunty Funke was once gazing me. once I opened my eyes, she requested what I did and that i told her. Her response used to be “O se oko mi”, translated, “thank you my expensive”.

PRAYER accomplice

there were totally different times Aunty Funke called me to hope on vicinity, and occasionally at home. There used to be a time I gave her a word of data. I had a dream as soon as, I told her, and it took place the next day to come. I fasted and prayed with Aunty Funke and her sister. She called me to hope along with her at nighttime at some factors. She knew from the onset that I was once a Christian and that I was once committed to prayer. there were totally different times we both prayed and requested God to offer us sponsors. So, for those who have accused me of being “holier-than-thou”, that’s the actual me o! every person on each set i have long gone, together with Jenifa’s Diary, be aware of i’m unapologetically offered out to Jesus. i am not ‘deceiving’ anybody. that’s my ‘real face’…lol


I had the pleasure of sitting and gisting with Aunty Funke at different factors, whether or not at home or in the automobile. we’d talk in regards to the script. She every now and then had inspirations in the automotive and she or he would inquire from me to write it down so she doesn’t omit, and she would ask my opinion. I treasure these moments. curiously,there used to be a day we had been talking on the home and her husband used to be there. I pointed out loving highschool movies and Musicals. I said I wondered why we didn’t have such in Nigeria. Then, all of us started speaking. JJC skills even ‘drafted’ me into it already but we have been simply talking frivolously. it is my pleasure that “INDUSTREET” is a truth lately!

Let me stop right here! So, with these few factors of mine, i hope i have been ready to convince you and now not confuse you that you simply shouldn’t consider the whole lot you read until you hear from the supply.

Your query now could be, what took place? Hmmm! We had a misunderstanding and that i cannot divulge what took place without Aunty Funke’s permission. however should you learn all I mentioned within the put up, you possibly can accumulate that we have been quite shut. And when two individuals get that shut, misunderstandings are certain to occur.

All i’ve mentioned, that you would be able to ascertain. a hundred% reality and UNCENSORED!!!

So, it’s God, who saw my faithfulness and commitment, who is profitable me and saying me to the sector. dear aspiring celeb, please SERVE and now not searching for to be served.

Please do neatly to share this publish on your social media structures via the buttons beneath this submit so that you can unfold the reality of what went down. My title has been tarnished by way of liars and bloggers looking for visitors. God have mercy on them!

Whew!!! This was long! thank you for reading and allowing me pour out my mind in love. i’m just a individual who does now not need to be maligned falsely!

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