Odun Nlo Sopin: The story of the CAC Good Women Choir and the evergreen song

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I’m pretty sure you must have heard the song. This is the period when the song comes alive.

Odun lo sopin o (This year is coming to an end)

Baba rere (Good God)

Baba Ma somi o (Oh Lord guide us)

Tomotomo (And our children)

Ohun ti o pa mi lekun o (Sorrow and sadness)

Lodun titun (In the new year)

Ma je ko sele simi o Baba rere (Will not be our portion good God)

You will hear this song in any music shop in the South-Western region in Nigeria this moment. The year is synonymous with the end of the year.

The song is titled ‘Odun Nlo Sopin‘ and it was sung by the CAC Good Women Choir. This is the breathtaking part. The song was released in 1979,  38 years ago. ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ is in every right a classic and an evergreen tune many Yoruba Christians use to spiritually prepare themselves for the New Year.

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Odun Nlo Sopinplay

Odun Nlo Sopin

(Spotify )


The CAC Good Women Choir was formed in 1975 at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), in Ibadan. With 200 female members, the choir was formed. The choir released its first album ‘Hallelujah‘ in 1977 under Ibukun Orisun Iye Records.

The CAC logoplay

The CAC logo

(CAC Worldwide Online)


By 1979 the music group struck gold with the release of ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ as the song has survived music trends and decades to still remain relevant.

Led by Mrs Deborah Fasoyin, the group shrunk to 35 members after the creation of states and it now has 12 members presently because of death and other reasons.

Deborah Fasoyinplay

Deborah Fasoyin

(Punch Newspapers )

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In 2012, the group released the classic song on iTunes. This move led to the revival of the song online.

In January 2017, Mrs Fasoyin revealed who sang the song. “It is actually a CAC composition which dates back to the early 1940s. It was a hymn that was sung at the end of each year by all CAC churches but we added only two verses to the original composition so one can’t really say who wrote it but many have said that we made it famous and we thank God for that” she told Punch.

With 25 albums under its belt, the CAC Good Women Choir still performs today and for free. The group believes in spreading the gospel at no cost.

There are only a few Nigerian songs that have stood the test of time like Odun Nlo Sopin.

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