'Not welcome here' Left-wing students call for Rees-Mogg to be BANNED from giving a speech

Posted on Jan 28 2018 - 6:34pm by admin

But a hardcore militant group is trying to sabotage the event. 

Members of the Socialist Worker Student Society have plastered posters all over the campus in Mile End, east London, stating “Jacob Rees Mogg not welcome here” and featuring a picture of the Tory MP wearing a top hat. 

Accusing the Conservative leadership favourite of belonging to the “most reactionary wing” of the party, the poster criticises the Old Etonian father-of-six for being pro-abortion, even in the case of rape, anti gay marriage and “against the rights of EU nationals to stay”. 

In fact, the devout Catholic who is the newly-elected chairman of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, has always called for EU citizens’ rights to be protected after Brexit.  

The poster continues: “This is our campus and we shouldn’t be inviting politicians who are against the welfare and freedom of our diverse student and staff body.” 

The move is the latest attempt by students to “no platform” a speaker they disagree with, amid concerns universities are not doing enough to protect freedom of speech. 

The Office for Students has been recently created to tackle the issue, with former universities minister Jo Johnson threatening to fine universities which try to block speakers with controversial views. 

Recent cases of “no platforming” include attempts to gag feminist Germaine Greer and gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell over their views on transgender issues.  

Guy Levy, 22, chairman of Queen Mary’s Conservative Society, said the socialist group had insisted it was not trying to no platform Mr Rees-Mogg but exercise its right to free speech. 

“It’s more pointless than anything,” he said. 

“The general feeling is that if they are having a problem then they should attend the speech like everyone else and take part in the question and answer session at the end.” 

Mr Rees-Mogg said he would be delighted to answer any of the activists’ questions.  

“I am very interested in what they have to say,” he said. 

“Like them I believe in freedom of speech and I think they are perfectly entitled to oppose my views. 

“I just didn’t know I’d be required to wear a top hat.”  

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