North Carolina Girl Slashed To Death: Brother Charged With Murder & Leaving Body By Dumpster

Posted on Nov 15 2017 - 4:36pm by admin

An 18-year-old North Carolina girl was found stabbed to death, and police have arrested her minor brother for first-degree murder. Find out all the gory details here.

Well, this is downright disturbing. In Weaverville, North Carolina on Nov. 11, Kayla Hensley, 18, was found by a mobile home park’s dumpster, slashed to death with severe lacerations from a knife. Authorities discovered her body after her brother went to a neighbor’s house and said someone had killed his sister. Her younger brother, a minor, was covered in blood at the time. After interviewing the brother, police have arrested and charged him with first-degree murder.

While it’s unclear if he will be tried as a minor or an adult, Kayla’s brother is being held at juvenile hall. A friend of the victim told WYFF that Kayla’s brother was reticent, terse in conversation and that he “didn’t say much.” In an interview with another neighbor, WLOS reports that the neighbor once saw Kayla’s brother “coming out of the woods with a hatchet.” Meanwhile, Kayla’s boyfriend Charles Lyman, 20, tragically says he had been making plans with Kayla mere hours before she was horrifically butchered. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kayla’s family during this difficult time.

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