Nollywood movies’ story lines not responsible for wave of crime – AGN

Posted on Mar 15 2020 - 11:24am by admin

The report also quoted Fashola as blaming the movies for the rising wave of armed robbery, occultism and cultists.

The minister was quoted as making the remark at the 4th Annual Public Lecture/Symposium organised by the United Action for Change, which had the topic “Insecurity: Taking Action Against Organised Crime”.

Fashola was said to have fingered Nollywood movies as the foundation for some of the country’s predicament, saying that their story lines always centered on rituals, kidnapping, robbery, occultism and cultists.

He further alleged that some of the ills they portrayed in their movies had been planted in the subconscious of the citizenry and nurtured to fruitfulness in its negativity.

The AGN President said that it would be unkind for anyone to blame Nollywood movies and its story lines for the current wave of crime in the country.

“Such statement is not based on logical fact and will not, in any way, affect the industry.

“Nollywood is not the cause of the ills that have bedeviled the country; some of the crises in the country have been there before the coming of Nollywood.

“Before Nollywood came into existence in the 1990s, the country had grappled with series of crime. Some of the country’s ills predated Nollywood.’’

He said that the minister should rather appreciate Nollywood for its contribution to the country by providing jobs for unemployed graduates.

Rowland said that Nollywood had helped to curb the rate of unemployment in the country by engaging those who could have been armed robbers.

The AGN president stressed that the last film that was shot by his crew employed hundreds of people, adding that such was the situation for other films shot on daily basis.

For instance, in Asaba, about 20 films are going on at different locations and in those locations we have at least 300 people working for two or three weeks.

“Many women of `easy virtue’ have found their ways into the industry, thereby jettisoning their old ways and embracing a new life.

“Do you know how many prostitutes have changed from their line of businesses to Nollywood? Do you know how many `idle minds’ have changed from their dangerous thoughts because of Nollywood?

“Nollywood has proffered solutions to some of the vices bedeviling the country,” he said.

He also explained that after every show, during the end credits, warnings are scrolled on the screen about the unhealthy practices of the things they had watched in the movie in real life.

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