Nigel Farage fears ANOTHER BREXIT REFERENDUM as he tells voters – 'Prepare for worst case'

Posted on Dec 16 2018 - 2:10am by admin

The life long Brexiteer spoke at a Leave Means Leave rally on Friday. He admitted he worried the decision to leave the European Union in 2016 may be betrayed by the Prime Minister calling a second referendum. The MEP told his supporters to prepare for the “worst case scenario”.

He said: “My message folks tonight is as much as I don’t want a second referendum it would be wrong of us on a Leave Means Leave platform not to get ready, not to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

“If I’m wrong, we’ve lost nothing.

“We’ve not got to move into a different gear.

“We’ve got to start forming branches and active groups all over this country.”


The Brexit process has hit deadlock in the past fortnight, with there appearing to be no breakthrough in support for Mrs May’s deal with Brussels.

The Prime Minister was forced to pull a vote from Parliament on her Withdrawal Agreement on Monday, admitting it lacked support from MPs.

She then had to see off a no confidence vote on Wednesday over her handling of the process of leaving the EU.

Despite receiving the backing of the Conservative Parliamentary party by 200 votes to 117, there is no sign her MPs will vote in favour of her withdrawal agreement when it is eventually put before the House of Commons.

With the majority of MPs voting Remain in 2016, and the Labour party refusing to rule out a second Brexit vote, there are fears Mrs May will call for a second referendum to try and push her deal through Parliament.

Telling Brexiteers to prepare to once again make the case for Leave, Mr Farage said: “We’ve got to re-engage with those millions of people who never voted in their lives before.

“We’ve got to connect with them.

“And if all our efforts come to nothing because we leave at 11pm on March 29, then so much the better.

“But can I urge you, can I implore you to get ready for every situation.

“I think they will in the next few months betray us completely and let us be ready not just to fight back, but if it comes we will win it next time by a much bigger margin.”

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