Nigel Farage attacks Lib Dems ‘crude’ anti-Brexit slogans at EU Parliament opening

Posted on Jul 3 2019 - 12:01am by admin

The Brexit Party leader told BBC Radio 4 his party haven’t done anything like that. Liberal Democrat MEPs wore bright yellow “b****ks to Brexit” t-shirts in European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday. Meanwhile, Mr Farage’s MEPs silently protested by turning their back on the European anthem ‘Ode to Joy’.

Mr Farage said on the BBC’s PM programme: “When we talk about dignity and the way we conduct ourselves.

“The Liberal Democrats turned up today with crude words written on t-shirts.

“We didn’t do anything like that.”

His dismissal of their protest comes as Brexit Party MEP John Longworth called it an “insult to 17.4 million” who voted to leave the EU.

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Speaking to, Mr Longworth said: “In a silent protested we respectfully turned our backs on the Ode to Joy anthem, not on the people of Europe, or the other parties, but on the anthem, because we do not recognise that we are part of a superstate.

“I think the Lib Dems walking around in t-shirts in the Parliament that has ‘b****ks to Brexit’ on the back is an insult to 17.4 million British people and those who have decided we should leave anyway. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

In the interview, Mr Longworth admitted he later noticed he was humming the anthem the Brexit Party MEPs had turned their back on.

He added: “Nobody ever asked me whether I wanted to have a national anthem, which is the Ode to Joy.

“I must admit though, I did find myself humming it later in the day, and thought perhaps I needed a cold shower.”

Earlier in the day, Mr Farage promised a “turquoise takeover” if Brexit is not delivered.

He said: “We are here to be defiant. We shouldn’t be here at all. We are hoping we are only going to be here until October 31. And if we have to stay longer than that they’ll know we’re here.

“At the moment, we are cheerful because we won the election. We are the biggest party in the whole of Europe – how about that?”

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