Nicola Sturgeon makes second EU vote her top Brexit target for Theresa May talks

Posted on Dec 20 2018 - 6:53pm by admin

The First Minister of Scotland has urged Mrs May to seek an extension to Article 50 and find “an alternative way forward” to break the Brexit deadlock. It comes after SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford told the House Of Commons that Ms Sturgeon’s plan to stay in the single market and customs union in a Norway-style option was “no longer viable”. Instead he said the party will focus on getting a second referendum.

Earlier this week, Ms Sturgeon called for a no confidence motion in the government and warned that the Labour Party’s position on Brexit is as big a block to Brexit progress as the Tories.

Speaking on Sky News, Ms Sturgeon said: “We think Labour should table a confidence motion. 

“And I said last week that if it does so the SNP will support that. I think it is possible that a confidence motion right now could succeed.”

“This is a Government that is weak and unstable and becoming more weak and unstable with every day that passes.

“But even if it didn’t pass and succeed it the first time of asking, there is another merit in having a confidence motion called just now because it would help to clarify Labour’s position.”

Parliamentary rules state a minority party can table a motion of no confidence in the government but it would not be considered a priority over government business.

When asked by Sky News host Sophy Ridge why the SNP has not yet called a confidence motion, Ms Sturgeon said: “We will continue to consider that as an option.

“But as you probably know the SNP could table a motion but the only party that is guaranteed to have motion called for a debate in the House of Commons and to have a vote on it is the official opposition party.

“We can table a motion and we may well do that but we want to do more than just a gesture in this.”

“So, let me be very clear – the SNP will keep all options open and if Labour won’t act then we are prepared to act.

“But it is Labour that can bring a motion that is guaranteed to be debated and voted on and I’m sure most people would agree that that is the most sensible way to proceed.”

But Labour has said it will not table a motion of no confidence until the ‘meaningful vote’ on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal has taken place.

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