Nick Clegg’s Remainer wife has NEVER been eligible to vote in UK despite denouncing Brexit

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 2:22pm by admin

Miriam Gonzalez confessed in a newspaper interview published yesterday that she has not applied for British citizenship and has not got the right to take part in British polls as a result.

Yet the leading City lawyer and former EU trade negotiator frequently posed at polling stations with her husband during his stint as Lib Dem leader and has been an outspoken critic of the effort to break ties with Brussels.

During the EU referendum last year, she condemned David Cameron’s attempt to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership as “Mickey Mouse” and claimed the country was “sleepwalking towards disaster” as support grew for quitting the bloc.

In her interview yesterday, Ms Gonzalez said of British citizenship: “I didn’t go for it because I don’t need to, frankly.”

Asked whether she might apply to become a UK citizens in the future, she added: “Now let’s see what is negotiated.”

Ms Gonzalez, who is among three million EU citizens living in the UK, said: “Whenever I speak, I get all the Brexiteers saying, ‘Deport her, her family is not indigenous.’

“There is an undercurrent of hate that you don’t normally see unless you are the recipient of it. I personally think it was always there as it is in every society.

“Normally they [her critics] do not find the opportunity to be out there in the open harassing people.”

Ms Gonzalez was also critical of Theresa May’s attack, in a Tory conference speech, on members of the globa financial elite as “citizens of nowhere”.

“I am one of the three million and also a citizen of the world,” she said.

And she claimed the Prime Minister’s negotiating tactics smacked of “panic”.

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