Naira Marley responds to claims that he stole ‘Soapy’ dance

Posted on Jul 4 2019 - 11:13pm by admin

As the song has surged in numbers and up the charts, criticism for the song and the accompanying dance have also soared. On the same topic, Naira Marley has also gotten into a war of words with dancer, Kaffy. 

But recently, Naira Marley was accused of stealing the ‘Soapy’ dance by Nigerian artist, Chief Ogbonnaya and his crew. Ogbonnaya says his song was released on June 1, 2019 and his dance, called ‘flop flop‘ debuted on June 9, 2019.

In a video, Ogbonnaya says, “Everybody is praising you now abi that ‘you’re so creative, how did you come about that dance?’ You dey mad? You get the brain? You get the sense to create something like that?

E dey sweet you to eat someone else’s glory abi? When the real founders (creators) of that dance are here, ehn? The name of that dance is flop flop, you went and rebrand(ed) it. 

“We sent you this song while you were in prison (jail) Because we used your hashtag FreeNairaMarley and Marlians, do that people will see the dance and repost it, you came, you saw the dance and you rebranded it into Yoruba standard because you get fan base… God dey, Jehovah dey…”

Marley has since responded, swearing on his life, that of his four children and his mother. In Yoruba, he said that he had never seen his accusers before.

He continues in English, “I’ve never seen them… They said they sent me something… Check the dates, fam… We’ve been doing that since I was in EFCC cell…

“Ask anyone in EFCC cell with me.. Bruv, we’ve bursting ‘Soapy’… You, you want to come and say… I don’t even know you. The message that you sent me, I didn’t even see it… And your dance is different from my dance.”

‘Soapy,’ the song currently sits atop the Apple chart.

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