N.E.R.D. Lights Up The Kids’ Choice Awards With Electric Performance Of ‘Lemon’

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 7:09am by admin

Slay! N.E.R.D. got the 2018 KCAs audience on their feet with their fierce dance hit ‘Lemon.’ We’ve got their super energetic performance, right here.

Leave that lemonade at home because N.E.R.D. brought it to the 2018 Kids Choice Awards. Pharrell WilliamsChad Hugo and Shay Haley got the young audience on their feet with their positively electric performance of their dance hit “Lemon.” The single has been a booty shaker for several months now and everyone got in on the action, as N.E.R.D.’s ever present dance crew was out in the aisles of the Forum in Inglewood, CA. Even the video’s star  — dancer Mette Towley –  was on hand to represent with her incredible moves that she performed in the group’s video, which has been viewed over 64 million times.

Actor Jaden Smith gave grand intro for the band and even participated, dancing along during the performance. Young fans were the center of attention, dancing on tables an having a blast. Mette’s twerking got everybody going and lit the Forum on fire! N.E.R.D. thrilled fans in late 2917 s by releasing their fifth album No One Ever Really Dies after a long seven-year hiatus. The group formed when the guys were in high school and they were busy in the aughts. But Pharrell has been so in demand as a producer, collaborator, artist in his own right and judge on The Voice that it took him awhile to circle back around to making music with N.E.R.D. again.

The song spawned a dance challenge called the “Lemon” and it was actually up for a KCA! Nickelodeon has added a new award category for Favorite Dance Trend and N.E.R.D.’s Lemon challenge was up against Migos‘ Stir Fry, Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard dropping the Milly Rock during a match against Arsenal, Ayo & Teo’s the “Rolex,” BlocBoy JB‘s internet sensation the “Shoot Dance” and the Backpack Kid from Katy’s Perry‘s SNL performance of “Swish Swish.”

While everyone loved the Lemon challenge, N.E.R.D. lost out on their KCA to the Backpack Kid.

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