‘Music City’ Recap: Rachyl & Kerry’s Marriage Is Put To The Test On Their 5th Anniversary

Posted on Mar 9 2018 - 4:19am by admin

On the March 8 episode of ‘Music City,’ Kerry and Rachyl continue to disagree about their future, while Jackson and Jessica take the next step in their relationship.

The third episode of Music City kicks off with BFFs Jessica Mack and Rachyl Degman catching up over ice cream. Rachyl admits that Kerry [Degman] has had trouble adjusting to life back at home since returning from six weeks on the road, but she hopes they’ll get back to a good place after celebrating their five-year anniversary.  Unfortunately, though, Kerry and Rachyl’s relationship is tested once again when he’s offered a gig in Atlanta on that same weekend. He suggests celebrating the five-year mark a day or two later, which is frustrating for Rachyl, since she had a whole night planned for them, and eventually, Kerry agrees to turn down the show and stay in Nashville with his wife.

Over their anniversary dinner, Rachyl tells Kerry that her top choice for law school is in Los Angeles, despite knowing he wants to be in Nashville for his singing career. She proposes that, while she’s in school, they just live separately since Kerry’s on the road so much anyway. He’s not really for it, though, and the conversation turns to Rachyl’s lack of support for her husband’s career. After a few tears, she apologizes for not supporting him as much as she should, and they continue their romantic evening off-camera.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Alisa Fuller are gearing up for their joint birthday party, with plans to invite Jackson Boyd, a trainer who Jessica’s been dating, and Bryant Lowry, a drummer who Alisa’s been hanging out with, but insists she’s not interested in. When Jessica calls up Jackson to tell him about the party, he’s with his cousin, Alexandra Harper, and Jessica invites her, too. Alexandra is super excited to finally meet Jessica…especially after Jackson spills on how she turned him down for a kiss AND told him she’s a virgin!

Jackson is anxious about Alexandra making a good impression on Jessica, while Alisa and Rachyl warn Jess that meeting one of Jackson’s family members is a HUGE deal. At the party, Jackson assures Jessica that the fact that she’s saving herself for marriage isn’t a big deal for him. He admits he’s messed up relationships in the past, but is hoping the “right girl” can change that, and things definitely seem to be going in the right direction for the these two.

There is a bit of drama at the party, though. Jess’ friends seem somewhat put off by Alexandra when she brings up the fact that Jessica rejected a kiss from her cousin. Plus, there’s even some more tears from Rachyl amidst a pep talk from Sarah Thomas about her marriage woes. This law school issue doesn’t even seem close to being solved. Yikes!

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