‘Music City’ Recap: Rachyl Keeps A Huge Secret From Kerry & Jackson Has His Eye On Someone New

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 3:34am by admin

On the March 15 episode of ‘Music City,’ Jackson betrays Jessica by getting flirty with another woman. Meanwhile, Rachyl is keeping a BIG secret from Kerry. Here’s our recap!

Episode four of Music City kicks off with the girls, Rachyl, Jessica and Alisa, chatting over brunch. Jessica shocks her friends by admitting things are going “really well” between her and Jackson, while Alisa talks through her fear of co-writing with Bryant for the first time. Meanwhile, Alexandra is freaking out about her upcoming Miss Tennessee pageant, and gets some advice from her mom, who went through the same process years ago. It’s going to be a big event for the family, and Jackson invites Jessica, Rachyl and Alisa to the party they’re having to celebrate afterward.

Rachyl has some bigger problems to worry about, though. She and Kerry have been having some relationship issues, and when she gets a mysterious text from someone named ‘J,’ who just moved back to Nashville and wants to meet up, she’s clearly torn about whether or not to go. She even deletes a message about being back together with Kerry before sending it to ‘J.’ This mystery man is persistent, though, and continues to hit Rachyl up to hang out. It turns out ‘J’ is the guy who Rachyl hooked up with when she and Kerry were briefly separated a few years back. She admits to her friends that she did answer the texts, but is torn about whether or not she should tell Kerry that J is back in her life.

At the pageant, Alexandra is declared the winner of Miss Tennessee USA! In the crowd, though, Jackson has his eye on another contestant — Savana, who’s named second runner-up. It turns out that Alexandra is friends with Savana, and she’s coming to the party, too.

Jessica and Jackson are still taking things “slow” in their relationship, but they make big strides at Alexandra’s party when he introduces her to his mom for the first time! It seems like Alexandra isn’t quite aware of how well things are going, though, because she takes it upon herself to introduce Jackson and Savana. While Jessica is gossiping with Alisa and Rachyl about the ‘J’ drama, Jackson is chatting up Savana, and the girls catch them deep in conversation when they come back into the room. Jessica is clearly upset, and leaves without saying goodbye — and even though she walks right by Jackson, he doesn’t even acknowledge her.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how this all plays out!

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