MTV Shuga: Chike and Diana, Leila and Tobi discuss contraception in 3rd episode [Watch]

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The third episode of the sixth season of MTV Shuga is out.

In the new episode, Diana suggests to Chike that they use a condom the next time. He refused and asks who uses nylon to wrap a banana before eating it.

play Chike and Diana discuss contraceptions (YouTube/MTVShuga)


He assures her that he isn’t trying to get her pregnant as the last thing he needs is another child. Chike asks Diana when her safe period is and is shocked that she doesn’t know her cycle.

Diana asks him for money to settle a teacher for her final exams. He says he has a lot on his plate and can’t afford to help her. However, he says he knows a means for her to make extra cash.

play Fa asks Ebisinde to be careful and focus on taking care of their little sister (YouTube/MTVShuga)

Ebisinde gets into a fight with his schoolmate for calling her sister an ‘ashawo.’ After his sister sees the money he had slipped into her bag to reduce her financial burden, she questions the source, begs him to stay away from trouble and asks him to focus on taking care of their younger sister.

Tobi and Leila making out in episode 3 of "Shuga"play Tobi and Lelia make out (YouTube/Shuga)


Leila visits Tobi for the first time since she sent him her nudes and he introduces her to his friend as his ‘girlfriend.’ While making out, Tobi realizes that he has run out of condom and suggests other contraceptive methods such as the pull out method, but Lelia, who is unwilling to take such risk, says he is still on probation.

When they go to the pharmacy to buy condoms, Lelia bumps into Weki. She shockingly runs out while Tobi gives him a mischievous smile.

play Tobi introduces an excited Lelia as his girlfriend (YouTube/MTVShuga)


Set in Nigeria, the new season which focuses primarily on family planning, contraception, HIV prevention and sexual health education, friendships are tested, relationships reach risky heights, and secrets threaten to break family ties.

The show returns for a new season with recurring cast members Timini Egbuson as Tobi, Jemima Osunde as Leila, Sharon Ezeamaka as Princess and Olumide Oworu as Weki.

play Diana sends a photo of her friends who would be attending Chike’s party (YouTube/MTVShuga)

New additions include Adebukola Oladipupo, Yakubu Mohammed, Ozzy Agu, Rahama Sadau, Funlola Aofiyebi, Nobert Young, Amal Umar, Helena Johnson, Ladani Sulaiman, and Shawn Faqua.

The new season of MTV “Shuga” is produced by Chris Ihidero and Emma Uduma and directed by Tolulope Ajayi, Ishaya Bako and Tope Oshin.

The third episode was directed by Bako.

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