MP’s plea for trolls to lose online anonymity

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 7:11am by admin

The Birmingham Yardley MP said she wanted to see changes which would mean that account holders would have to disclose their real identity to Facebook and Twitter, although they could still post messages anonymously.

Over the weekend, Security Minister Ben Wallace said digital IDs should be brought in to end online anonymity that permits bullying and grooming.

It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May used the G7 Summit to call for the tech giants to clamp down on vile attacks against women on their platforms.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Ms Phillips said: “In one night I received 600 rape threats.

“It was probably more, but I stopped counting.

“In my own experience, the violence and aggression I am threatened with every single day has its peaks and troughs depending on what I’m talking about.

“If you speak from a feminist perspective, which I very frequently do, you will suffer from a huge amount of internet trolling.

“This is largely from what seems to be the Alt Right”

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