Monalisa Chinda says people find joy in bad news as she clears her name over tax evasion

Posted on Mar 7 2019 - 6:54am by admin

Monalisa Chinda has come out to say that people really find joy in bad news as she tries to clear her name over tax evasion.

The music star made this known via her Instagram stories on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, where she posted a photo of herself and captioned it with a post where she talked about the reactions she has been getting since her tax evasion saga.

“Human beings have a natural morbid for curiosity! bad news! people cherish scandals and negativities..a rejoinder has been issues and evidences of taxes paid over the years… But NO…they’d rather soak themselves in dirt. I will definitely block ignorant people who come to my page and spew hate!!!” she wrote.

Monalisa has for the first time spoken about the arrest warrant issued against her for tax evasion [Instagram/MonalisaCode]

Monalisa has for the first time spoken about the arrest warrant issued against her for tax evasion [Instagram/MonalisaCode]

This would be the first time Monalisa Chinda would be reacting to the news that the court had issued a warrant for her arrest over evasion of taxes.

Monalisa Chinda says she has evidences of the taxes she has been paying over the years [Instagram/MonalisaCode]

Court reportedly asks Monalisa Chinda to be arrested for tax evasion

For failing to appear in court since the year 2017, a bench arrest has reportedly been approved in order to force Monalisa Chinda, to show up. [Instagram/monalisacode]

In a report by The Nation News on Sunday, March 3, 2019, it was alleged that the actress had failed to obey a request asking her to show up in court. As a result, Justice Adedayo Akintoye insisted that she must be apprehended in an order reportedly given on Monday, January 21, 2019.

“The defendant has been served with hearing notice. The proof of service is in the court’s file,” a statement from prosecutor Y. A Pitan reads. The counsel mentioned this while asking for a bench warrant to arrest the actress who has reportedly been evasive.


Monalisa Chinda is alleged to be found wanting for refusing to fulfill an obligation to pay tax to the Lagos State government for her business located in Lekki on the Lagos Island. According to The Nation, the bench warrant to arrest the actress shall extend up until April, having failed to appear in court two months earlier.

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