Mo'Hits Records: Do we really want a reunion, or are we missing our ex-girlfriend?

Posted on Jan 20 2018 - 2:10pm by admin

Remember your last relationship. Think of how it ended against your wish and desires. Think of how the tears flowed like a river of pain, and your chest lost its pumping machine. Time ceased as your world crashed all around you when your lover said ‘goodbye’, and vanished from your life.

Compare this feeling to the time when you got the realisation that Don Jazzy and D’banj were never going to make music together; when they took the knife of egos and irreconcilable differences, to sever the bond, trust, friendship and goodwill that characterised Mo’Hits.

Think of all those conversations you had in the street corners and drinking tables, complaining about how D’banj and Don Jazzy could ruin something so precious to the culture, all because of something that seemed so trivial. Couldn’t they decide that Kanye West was not worth it? Could they not just hug it out like men, and move on to recording the next ‘Booty call’? What happened to all those photos of hugs, and money made on numerous stages across the world?

What happened?

D'banj, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West on the set of 'Endowed' Remixplay

D’banj, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West on the set of ‘Endowed’ Remix



While we felt pain they broke up in 2012, we can all admit that we have never moved on from Mo’hits. Nigerians, or those who remember their greatness as a unit haven’t truly relegated them to the back of minds. We no longer feel pain the pain of their disintegration. Time has ensured that old wounds are healed, but it hasn’t taken away our longing and endless questions of what would have been.

Every time we see D’banj on our social media feeds, either celebrating a new song, or pushing a new product, our minds are cast back to a time when things were better for all of us. Each day Don Jazzy samples a new record, or post a photo of his studio, we secretly long for D’banj to still be somewhere in the building, drinking a celebratory cognac to the promise of a new hit. Or simply playing FIFA with Wande Coal, while they discuss the difference between ‘Bangalee’ and Black Diamond.

That’s why, whenever they come together, it’s a big deal. It’s probably the reason why you are reading this article, earnestly searching for information or anything to feed the ache within you.

In December 2017, at Davido’s 30 Billion concert, they did come together. After two months of conversations, compromise and planning, Davido would succeed in bringing together these people on to one stage. What made it special was that they had everyone. Dr Sid, Kayswitch, D’Prince, and Wande Coal all showed up with their bosses D’banj and Don Jazzy. It was an emotional moment for many Nigerians who saw them roll back the years with their hits. My favorite was ‘Booty call’, one of their greatest magical moments of brilliance.

Led by Don Jazzy, the group comprising of D’banj, Wande Coal, D’Prince, Dr Sid, and Kay Switch made a comeback. They performed some of their classic hits such as ‘Pere’, ‘Booty call’, ‘Give it to me’, ‘Pop something’ and ‘ Suddenly ’.play

Led by Don Jazzy, the group comprising of D’banj, Wande Coal, D’Prince, Dr Sid, and Kay Switch made a comeback. They performed some of their classic hits such as ‘Pere’, ‘Booty call’, ‘Give it to me’, ‘Pop something’ and ‘Suddenly’.



With that performance, comes renewed hope. Seeing them on stage brought the possibility that we might have our Mo’Hits again. We might not have them together as a cohesive unit under one business banner. But they can bind gather again for themselves and for the culture, to perhaps record one album, or take us on a tour around cities. You would like that. You would pay good money to have a Mo’Hits concert. It will be a big deal and a significant moment for our music industry. Rolling back the years would have a new meaning. This trip down memory lane would be savoured and celebrated.

Deep down, once you truly love a person, you never stop loving them. Whether Mo’Hits, or your ex-girlfriend, there’s a still a part of themselves that they leave with you when they go. It is those bittersweet memories, or the promise or reconnection that powers us to seek the warm embrace in the music, or in the arms of our past love.

We still want Mo’Hits to come back. We still want our exes in our arms. Because at the end of the day, art is an expression of love, and no matter where we get it, we will appreciate it.

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