Missguided shoppers declare their ‘lives are sorted’ as retailer add ‘jeans and a nice top’ section to website: 'This is revolutionary'

Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 8:25pm by admin

Missguided shoppers are ecstatic with the new section online [Twitter]

We can’t count the amount of times we’ve asked our friends what they are wearing on a night out and they reply, “oh just jeans and a nice top”. 

Somehow, over the years, ‘jeans and a nice top’ has become a statement look, something all girls go to often for events that aren’t super smart, but aren’t casual – also known as ‘smasual.’ 

And now, for all your jeans and a nice top needs, Missguided is here for you by creating their own section especially for the look. 

The popular high street retailer has launched a section on their website where you can find the perfect nice top and jeans combo. 

The section provides different styles  [Missguided]

Shoppers have called the ‘jeans and a nice top’ section ‘revolutionary’ [Missguided]

When on the website, if you click on the menu, then ‘shop by occasion,’ you’ll find the jeans and a nice top section.

The section is full of different looks and styles for everyone, so you can really nail to must-have look. 

Shoppers of the website are thrilled with the latest edition, taking to Twitter to thank Misguided for fulfilling “every girls’ dream”.  

One fan shared: “The jeans and a nice top dilemma that every girl faces. Life sorted,” while another wrote: “How boss is it that @Missguided have a “jeans and a nice top” area on their website, every girls dream well played.” 

Fans commented on Twitter about the new section [Twitter]

Another shopper commented: “Howling that @Missguided now have a ‘jeans and a nice top’ section – those gals know their audience like the back of their hand,” while one shopper posted: “Congratulations @Missguided on paving the way for women everywhere to finally succeed in wearing ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’ #blessed.” 

Senior Social Media Executive Zoe Williams told OK! Online: “The original tweet from one of our customers was on our radar, and it was picking up a huge number of retweets so we knew it was something our target audience had an appetite for.

“As we’re such a fast-paced business, we were able to build the category within a day. We responded to the original customer and posted a public tweet to the category shortly after. The response has been incredible and shows the power social listening has for any business.”

You can shop the section at Missguided here. 

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