Michelle Keegan: “I always used to bunk off PE lessons”

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We chatted to Michelle about how she stays looking so good all the time!

Hey Michelle! You were abroad for most of last year, how did that effect your exercise regime and diet?
To be honest, whilst I was in Malaysia (filming Our Girl) I didn’t really work out at all. We were in the middle of the jungle in Taman Negara so it was around 40 degrees everyday; the last thing you want to do is exercise when it’s that hot. On our days off I just wanted to go on an adventure or have some down time. The most I got round to doing was some HIIT workouts with the boys. Diet wise – lets just say I won’t be eating rice and noodles for a while, don’t get me wrong the food was amazing and really fresh but after fried rice and noodles three times a day I’m a bit over it!

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How do you relax when you’re not working?
I really love cooking and cook quite a lot when I’m home. I like making Gambas Al Ajillo, which is garlic and chilli prawns with crusty bread and I recently made a Camembert cheese salad – it wasn’t healthy at all but it was gorgeous. And of course I love spending time with my friends and family.


And do you enjoy working out?
I never used to like sports at school, I was always that girl who got my mum to write letters to get me out of classes! I started exercising more about ten years ago, around the same time I started working in TV. Now I try to get to the gym about three times a week, I don’t do classes but like to workout on my own, I’ve got a routine that I stick to now. I also get inspired by people I see on Instagram – I really like Alexia Clark and starting using resistance bands after watching her use them in her videos.

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What do you wear when you work out?
Pieces from my Very collaboration of course! Haha! I really wanted to create pieces that I’d actually wear so there’s a lot of turquoise in the collection because I love that colour. I like to wear black, grey and turquoise and nothing too bright because I like wearing white trainers to the gym. I also love wearing slogan t-shirts and jumpers because you can wear them to the gym but also they’re great for snuggling up and watching TV in too.







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