Meghan Markle 'moving her pet dogs to the UK' in clearest sign yet the Suits actress is moving in with Prince Harry — amid royal engagement rumours

Posted on Nov 17 2017 - 7:45pm by admin

Meghan Markle makes sale sore for Finlay & Co after wearing their sunglasses during an outing with Prince HarryMeghan Markle is ‘moving her two pet dogs to London’ as she prepares ‘to move in with Prince Harry’ [Getty]

Meghan Markle  is reported to have begin the process of moving her two beloved pet dogs to England.

The Suits actress’ move to London has been rumoured for months, with the Queen’s reported invitation for the actress to spend Christmas at Buckingham Palace fueling the speculation.

And now, a friend of 36 year old Meghan has admitted that moving her dogs is the clearest sign yet that she’s moving in with Prince Harry Prince Harry.

Bogart and Guy are both dogs which Meghan adoptedBogart and Guy are both dogs which Meghan adopted [Meghan Markle / Instagram]

The Suits actress treats her two pups like her babies, according to friends, often sharing snaps of them on social media.

Bogart who is a gorgeous labrador/shepherd mix, and Guy who is an adorable beagle, currently live at home with Meghan in Canada.

However, a friend of the star has now revealed that she has begun the process of moving her pets — who are both rescue dogs — to Britain.

Bogart is a labrador / shepherd mix, and Guy is a beagleBogart is a labrador / shepherd mix, and Guy is a beagle [Meghan Markle / Instagram]

“She is very close to those two dogs. She lets them sleep on her bed and they eat only the highest quality organic food”, the source told The Sun.

“She misses them when she is away and will even get someone to FaceTime her with them.

“The fact she’s started the process of moving them to England is the clearest hint yet that she sees her future living in London with Harry”, claims the insider.

Meghan Markle smiling photoPrince Harry’s girlfriend is rumoured to be preparing to move in with her royal beau [Getty]

Bringing her dogs to Britain is no mean feat for Prince Harry’s girlfriend; each one must be microchipped, treated against tapeworm, given a rabies vaccination and a blood test after 30 days to show it has worked.

But apparently the actress has always been a fan of moving to the country, having previously dressed her beloved pups up with a nod to the United Kingdom.

The source claims: “She bought them Union flag dog jumpers to keep them warm when they were puppies.”

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